Rotating Rectangles

5 months ago

Hi all,

Total DM noob here building my first map.   I've searched for the answer to this but maybe my Google-Fu is weak.

When I add a rectangular Prop (for example "Free Wall" but true for all these non-square Props), the "Rotate" option is greyed out.  If I press 'R' I get this message:

"The object is not square. You must move it to rotate it."

What gives?  How do I rotate these things?


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5 months ago

This logically means there was a collision with another object, so you must move it somewhere on the map where there is nothing around it to block the rotation (then move it back where you really want it). 

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5 months ago

I figured this out.  It turns out you need to be in the act of moving the item (click on it to 'pick it up') and then pressing 'R' will rotate it.

Square objects can be rotated in place, on the map, rectangular ones have to be picked up "in the air" to be rotated.


Niks Jons
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1 month ago (edited)

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