Riftmarked - A Human Subrace

Level 11
2 months ago (edited)

While the elephant in the room that was disadvantage on attacks in dim light has been addressed, there is still no denying that the standard human race in 5e tend to be a bit underperforming compared to the others. The +1 to all stats sounds powerful, but most characters don't care about more than 3 stats, meaning that said stat points tend to go to waste. One way to make standard human more relevant would be to also give them +1 skill, but that's not what this thread is about. This is about a Solasta specific human subrace inspired by the excellent Dragonmark racial variants from Eberron.

The names are just placeholders.

Riftmarked (Human)

Lore suggestion / justification

Humans on Solasta are the descendents of those who ventured through the Rift and survived the Cataclysm that followed it. Many, perhaps even most, families carry dormant powers that can awaken during one's life. Students of Arcane magic commonly show these traits, but it is known to occur in humans of all walks of life.

Ability Score Bonus

+2 to any one ability score
+1 to any one ability score


Your movement speed is 7.

Choice of: Light in the Darkness* or Adapted to the Dark**

*You know the Light cantrip. You can cast Protecton from Evil and Good once per long rest as an innate ability.
**You know the Shadow Armor cantrip. You have Darkvision.


If you have the spellcasting class feature (this includes Rangers, Paladins, Shadowcasters and Spellblades), add the following spells to the list of which you can prepare or learn (you do not automatically know these spells):
1st level: Heroism, Bane
2nd level: Darkness, Darkvision
3rd level: Daylight, Vampiric Touch
4th level: Freedom of Movement, Dimension Door

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