Ridiculous damage #2

4 months ago

I posted a similar issue recently.  Again playing Ironman on Cataclysm.   First post I was level 3 at the entrance to the Manacalon Ruins fighting those 6 or so humans (with no armor).   EZPZ.   Then the cult priestess does Inflict Wounds for 78 points of damage and the game is instantly over.  I have a choice word, but lets keep it clean.  

Today I was stupid enough to try it again (ironman, cataclysm).   I got to level 5, doing the 2nd quest in the Tirmarian Tower.  I get hit with Chill Touch for 36 then 34 damage.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?   It does 1d8 and 1 die over level 5, 11, 17.   Cataclysm is %150 damage for enemies.  So are these skeletal sorcerers level 11+?   On the quest board it says "Recommended for Level 4."    I was level 5.   

Im just venting, again.  

Level 3
4 months ago

Were they critical hits?

4 months ago

Ironman cataclysm might not be the best game mode for you if game ending crits aren't fun.  In that mode one mistake can end your whole run.  That inflict wounds crit in your first run was above average damage for a cataclysm inflict crit if it was cast at level 1, and below average if it was upcast a couple levels.

You can mouse over totals in the combat log and it will show you what dice were rolled.  They likely have 2 die cantrips and critically hit you for 4d8x1.5 damage.  Average on that would be 4x4.5x1.5=27 so those are hard crits but well less than max for a 2 die chill touch on cataclysm (48).

4 months ago

Im new to DND, didnt know they worked on spells.  Thank you then, I guess that explains it.  New tactic= kill any sorcerer or evil priest immeidately!

4 months ago

New tactic= kill any sorcerer or evil priest immeidately!

You are new. This is basically always the right choice.