Returning player looking for advice.

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

Hello everyone I played this game before all the updates and the Dlc came out and noticed that alot of stuff was way different from what I remember so I was wondering what new tips and advice people can give, especially for story mode to help me out.

Thank you for any and all help and advice!

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Level 14
1 year ago

"Bring a cleric, with good healing spells."
- Arwin Merton

Seriously though, the best bet is to just go with a balanced party. A frontliner with a shield (Fighter, Paladin), a skirmisher focused on damage (Ranger, Rogue, Fighter, Paladin), a Cleric (Battle, Elemental, Oblivion) and an arcane caster (wizard, sorcerer). This will have to be updated for the release of Barbarian and Druid, but we don't have a date on that yet.

I recommend having someone with crafting skills for the fantastic magical weapons you can make with it. The wizard (and sorcerer, I think) has this standard, as will anyone with the Academic background. Anyone can also enchant items if they have Arcana, so half-elves can use their bonus skills to do it as any class.

Sneaking around helps a lot, since you can get free combat turns from taking the enemy by surprise.

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