Replace Characters

1 week ago (edited)

Instead of Game Over, what about replacing a dead character.  Is that possible?  When I play D&D with friends, if a PC died, the player makes a new character.  It's not game over.  Love the game btw.  Great work.

1 week ago

I have just had a few times when I would have beaten an enemy fight with 3 party members, but because 1 died I had to do it all over again.  I think it'd be more fun to lay the dead to rest, mourn their loss, and pick up a newly created PC.  Of course main story characters would not be replaceable.

Level 7
1 week ago

I didn’t realize the game ended with one death. Agreed. We should be able to replace lost members.

Also we should be able to form a party with less than four. 

1 week ago

Thank you for responding kindly to the post.  I can't tell you how bad it is on Steam.  That community has been very toxic.  I posted this same thing with a bit of a description as to why I thought it would be fun, and they roasted me and told me to just play smart and to buy a D&D 5e manual and learn the rules.

So thank you.