Remove "Hold <ALT> for more info"

Level 13
4 months ago

There is no added value to the "Hold <ALT> for more info", when the player hovers with the mouse over something, it's to get information. Hiding a part of the information serves no purpose and is not user-friendly. There is always more than enough room to display the full tooltip.

Level 10
4 months ago (edited)

+1. One of the other drawbacks of holding alt is, Steam screenshot F12 is not possible while holding the alt key. I'm not sure about other 3rd party screenshot taker though. 

3 months ago

I'd like to add my agreement that the Hold Alt UI 'feature' is unwanted; just display all the info on the hover please.

Level 13
3 months ago


Level 8
3 months ago

Also agree! The amount of information shown without ALT is frustratingly incomplete, and in most cases holding ALT ends up adding 2 lines of text to the pop-up so it’s not even usually a perceptible difference in screen real estate. Make the full information the default, please!

Level 6
3 months ago

+1 Agreed.

3 months ago


Or alternatively, maybe a "Always show detailed information" configuration option could be added.

3 months ago


hey, I looted a magical agreement staff on my last playthrough LUL

Level 4
2 weeks ago

I would also prefer this. Or at least an option to "Always show advanced information in tooltips".

Level 4
2 weeks ago

No, you are not going to want that additional info all the time. It serves its function just fine.

6 days ago

I, for one, want that additional info every time.

+1 for me