Remorhaz & Live Orchestral UNLOCKED, Sorcerer Goal Reveal!

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3 years ago (edited)

We're finally reaching the last 24h of our Campaign. On Friday October 4th at 6 am PDT / 9 am EDT / 3 pm CEST, the Solasta Kickstarter Campaign will be over! Our Steam Pre-Alpha Demo will follow shortly after, leaving our Steam Store Page on October 18th as the team will fully shift focus towards working on the final game.

Boss Monster Stretch Goal - UNLOCKED

The votes have spoken, the winner is... The Remorhaz!

  • Backers: Remorhaz (41%) / Roper (23%) / Bulette (22%) / Cloaker (14%)
  • Discord: Remorhaz (44%) / Bulette (21%) / Roper (19%) / Cloaker (16%)
  • Twitter: Remorhaz (41%) / Bulette (24%) / Roper (21%) / Cloaker (14%)
  • Facebook: Remorhaz (37%) / Bulette (27%) / Roper (24%) / Cloaker (12%)

The biggest monster takes out the others! With a Challenge Rating of 11, close to 200 HP, Immunity to Cold & Fire, Darkvision, Tremorsense, the ability to burrow... There is no end to the list of reasons of not wanting to fight a Remorhaz. Yet you decided to vote for it! Let's just hope you won't come to regret it...

Music Upgrade Stretch Goal - UNLOCKED

You also unlocked the Music Upgrade Stretch Goal - Live Orchestral Recordings! Be ready to have your ears pampered by a variety of musical instruments as your party explore the world the Solasta. Don't hesitate to grab the Soundtrack to enhance your own Tabletop sessions as well.

The upcoming Stretch Goals are:

New Questline - Legendary Item

Well well now... I have a story for you. One of power, of mystery, of a long lost item that has eluded every scavenger party so far. The stuff of legends, basically. And I happen to know about its whereabouts, for a low low sum of... Wait come back here! I swear to the gods, adventurers these days are so stingy! So, as I was saying, Legendary Item, power, yada yada yada... Are you in or what?

New Class - Sorcerer

Sorcerers are magic users whose powers come from their ancestry - a heritage that sometimes manifests as physical features that aren't always easy to bear. Unlike Wizards who hone their craft through long studies, Sorcerers progress through sheer force of will and talent.

They are powerful spellcasters who can reshape their spells at will to adapt to any situation. Through their hands, spells can become more powerful, harder to resist, remain in effect longer or have many other effects. Sorcerers also have specific powers other than spellcasting, that come from their Origin.

Draconic Bloodline

Descendants of shapeshifted dragons and younger Solastan races, these sorcerers are blessed with many benefits of their draconic ancestry and speak draconic fluently. Each have an affinity with one specific element, and word is the most powerful ones can even grow dragon wings and fly!

Mana Painter

Born out of the mana starvation that followed the cataclysm, certain dwellers of Solasta learned to drain magic from everything that surrounded them - locations, objects and even people. They learned to channel scarce mana to cast spells, create potions or scrolls. Their enemies may call them mana thieves, but they are truly artists of magic.

Children of the Rift

Another effect of the Rift and its cataclysmic closing was that some people around it were affected in their blood, gaining an innate ability to cast spells instinctively. The very nature of the Rift also changed them deeply as they are not only flesh and blood, but also mana, light, and shadow.

Last chance to unlock 4 Solastan Archetypes Demo on D&D Beyond Homebrew System!

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Level 6
3 years ago

Looks like i was one of the very few who voted for a more manageable Cloaker , The Remorhaz is going to kick my butt, but i am sure it will make for some fun gameplay.

Level 4
3 years ago

Any chance to extend the kickstarter duration until sunday? Because there are almost no chance to get one of the coolest 5e races(Dragonborn) and i an not a billionaire to spend the rest....


Level 10
Newsletter Link Kickstarter Backer
3 years ago

Looks like i was one of the very few who voted for a more manageable Cloaker , The Remorhaz is going to kick my butt, but i am sure it will make for some fun gameplay.

I voted for cloaker too. :)