RELEASE: Heir to the Harkening

Level 1
1 year ago

Dungeons are fun, but I wanted to put together something with a little more plot, deduction, etc. And sooooo.... I've just uploaded to the Steam Workshop "Heir to the Harkening", a murder-mystery with three endings to choose from:

Now... I suspect that this is not what the devs expected anyone to do with the dungeon editor ;-) and there were some challenges. Peculiarities in the Activator system led to some slight convolutions, and because I had to use the despawner/spawner functionality to mimic changing character "states" I am aware that in theory it is possible that some edge-cases could create bugs, and careless clicking could lead to the occasional (non-vital) clues being missed.... But I'd like to think that I've managed to work around the limitations (no dialogue trees, no state changes, weirdly limited options for selecting NPC base models, etc.) fairly well, and have created something with some decent plot and characterisation.

Since some folks on this form are way more experienced with the editor than I am, and since everyone irrationally thinks their own babies are beautiful, I may, of course, be completely deluding myself ;-)  So all feedback (assuming some degree of tact :-p ) would be appreciated!