2 months ago (edited)

Im so sad missed the kickstarter and found this game so late :(  ... BUT I want to ask something.. So,  What about the dialogue between the party members? In the demo was very fun to see how they reflect to each other but how deep will be this? I mean would be nice some relationship like  friendship or rivaly and other stuff between them. Maybe build their relationship in long rest camping or in the taverns?

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
2 months ago

Hello Zsuszi, 

Well, this is very cool but unfortunately, we don't intend to go that for for this first game.

The idea is to recreate some kind of party dynamics, where personalities can clash a little, but we need to party to stay united and conflicts will not go much farther than a rash comment here and there.

Also, in the final game, the party can be made of any combination of personalities, and it has to work all the time, which is a big enough challenge for now.

We're adding dynamic banter while playing, so your characters will also express their personality and comment on each other actions outside cutscenes.



2 months ago (edited)

I understand maybe in the next game :) .
 Anyway, Solasta still very interesting for me to buy it "when its ready" :D  So keep up the good work, and thx for the answer :)