Refunded because no good greatsword in new dlc

Level 7
1 week ago (edited)

This game has bias towards greatsword, the only good greatsword is Lightbringers which you get in original campaign, no better one in new DLC.

I will not purchase this dlc until new greatsword is introduced.

Level 14
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1 week ago (edited)

Currently, based on the Dungeon Maker, there are no +2 nor +3 Greatswords, no +3 Scimitars, or +3 Gauntlets. 

For the greatswords, I am convinced it is an error/bug/oversight. 

Hopefully they will add them in the next patch and you can buy the DLC. :P 

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Level 5
1 week ago

Doesn't seem like there are any new scimitars either, and they're the weapon of choice for my Ranger