real name in the credits

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3 years ago (edited)


I´d like to have my real name in the credits, instead of my Kickstarter name. I think many others, too.

Will that be possible? / What have I to do?



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3 years ago

It says they'll be using your kickstarter name, which you can change in your profile. It's the name that's shown on your profile, in comments etc.etc. that you can change in there. So in my case I simply changed it to "Cabola aka Carsten Boel Larsen" so my nick and real name is displayed.

Tactical Myzzrym
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3 years ago

Hey there folks,

We'd rather not force you to change your Kickstarter name for that. I'll discuss with the team, the main reason was because we couldn't afford to check 6,000 different names for racism, sexism, insults and such (especially in all different languages, I would have no idea if one name is an insult in Russian for instance).

That being said, I do believe we can make some exceptions happen :) I'll keep you informed.

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3 years ago

Thank you! :)