Ranger uses lower bonus Herbalism Kit instead of Medicine skill for crafting

Level 6
10 months ago (edited)

Just a weird thing I noticed, but my Ranger is proficient in Medicine (Philosopher background), and that happens to have a higher bonus than the Herbalism kit and Nature score.  It makes sense though since Nature relies on Intelligence while Medicine relies on wisdom, so I have a higher wisdom score to boost Medicine more.

However the game from the very start (lost valley campaign), would only use the Herbalism Kit bonus which is less, so as a result my crafting isn't as good as it should be.

Currently (level 12); Medicine is +8 while Herbalism/Nature is +6.  Weirdly, since both Nature and Medicine grant Poisoner's Kit proficiency, it shows Medicine +6 (which it isn't it's +8), so it still seems to use the Nature/Herbalism kit bonus though showing Medicine as the skill being used.

I think the highest bonus should be used for crafting.  Generally wisdom will be higher than intelligence for a ranger, so being proficient in Medicine will almost always be a better bonus than Nature/Herbalism Kit proficiency.