Ranger spell casting

Level 5
1 year ago (edited)

3 spell focus but still cant cast Material component spell???

How much spell focus you want dm??

1 year ago


What you have equipped on your characters are Arcane and Divine Foci, which is why they will not work with a Ranger (if you hover your mouse over the items, you will see their Properties).

What you actually need is the Component Pouch, which can be placed in your Utility Slot

1 year ago

FYI - As of the Primal Calling release, the Ranger now uses the Focus Type "Druidic". So, the new Druidic Focus item should also work. (The Component Pouch has Focus Type "Universal", so it works for any caster.)

1 year ago

Shame that the Belt Component Pouch won't work here.. Playing a custom campaign, didn't pick one along in beginning now stuck and can't cast those spells.

Level 14
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1 year ago (edited)

Just in case you do not know : you can change the Material Component (3 options) in the settings. 

NB : still, TA might want to tweak that aspect for the Ranger (same for Druids I think).

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Level 6
1 year ago

Yeah, the belt component pouch and the bracer component pouch should be classified as "universal" rather than arcane.

Currently Rangers and Druids can only use a druidic focus ("wand") or a component pouch -- both of which have to be held in the hand or in the potion slot.