Random encounter maps

3 weeks ago

I would have to say that I was quite confused, initially, on how to exit a random encounter battle map after the fight was completed.  It was not clear to me that I needed to either click on the campfire or find an exit off the map.  Also, the color of the "gather party here" square can be somewhat hard to find at times.  Perhaps a notification on the map (overhead) would be helpful.  Thanks and keep up the great work.


Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

Well, sometimes green exit box is really hard to detect on some random encounter maps.
Maybe change a bit coloring for exit box and campfire icon to make it more noticeable?

1 week ago

Yes, I've watched some Let's Plays and some players would conclude that not being able to click on the campfire was a bug. This prompted them to reload a saved game instead of searching for the green area exit box.