Quickened Spell metamagic is only available while the Action is as well

Level 1
9 months ago (edited)

Version: 1.4.32 (Public)

Map: anywhere

Who: Level 6 Draconic Bloodline Sorceress (though I'm pretty sure it applies to any Sorcerer, regardless of level or subclass)

Campaign run creation date: April 2022

How: After taking any Action (Disengage, Casting a cantrip, etc), I'm not given the option to cast my leveled spells using the Quickened Spell metamagic, even though I should according to regular 5e rules (which I would assume apply here).
To rephrase: I'm not talking about casting two leveled spells in the same turn, which is clearly not allowed. I'm also not talking about Quickened casting a cantrip and then casting a leveled spell, which is also disallowed by a strict reading of the PHB rules, even though I think it's a stupid interpretation. What I am talking about is not being able to cast any spell that requires an action as a Quickened spell, if the Action is used first for something else.

For example: Quickened Spell Fireball, then Disengage works. Disengage, then Quickened Spell Fireball does not.

9 months ago (edited)

Came here to post this. Personal example: Dash then quickened Inflict Wounds should work but doesn't. Super frustrating.

4 months ago

It would be really nice if this could be fixed.