Quick-swapping to javelin during combat deletes previously-equipped weapon

4 days ago

First time on these forums. Quick check of forums using search function does not seem to reveal same problem as mine. Please let me know if there are any issues with my post.

Context: Paladin character swapping from melee weapon to javelin. Swapping done by dragging javelin from inventory into weapon slot in inventory management menu. Character carrying multiple stacks of javelins.

Expected result: Character equips javelin as active weapon, previous weapon returned to inventory.

Actual result: Character equips javelin as active weapon, previous weapon disappears and is permanently lost.

Problem is replicated with multiple weapon types, including scimitar and longsword.

Problem is replicated regardless of whether inventory swap is done mid-combat or out-of-combat.

Problem is not replicated when dragging melee weapon from equipped into inventory, then dragging javelin into empty hand. Weapon is preserved as expected. Issue may stem from javelin (or other thrown consumable) being coded to leave n-1 javelins behind (where n = original number of javelins in stack) after being dragged from inventory to empty hand. These n-1 javelins replace the weapon being swapped.

3 days ago

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll keep an eye on their patch notes.