Question for gamers about what video game system to get my 12 year-old.

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We let our 12 year-old play games on his iPad but we know he really wants something he can play for real. We've held off on getting a game console until now. We have some issues with the violent games, but also know there's lots of great games that aren't like that... we just don't know what they are.

We'd like to get a game console for him for Christmas but have no idea what to get. We'd like something we can hook up to our basement TV, and get a couple games that he might like. We don't want to ask him because we'll hear of nothing else for the next 3 months. Plus it'd be a cool surprise because he'd never think we'd buy him this, but he's an awesome kid and works hard so he deserves it.

Any suggestions on what system to get and maybe some game suggestions? On his iPad he likes Minecraft, games with dragons, and racing games. We just want to avoid the kill everything and paint the walls with blood kind of games. Also, our 10 year-old loves horses so any sweet games with horses? Thank you for any recommendations.

~Very clueless middle aged couple.

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A board focused on a tactical combat D&D game that only runs on a gaming PC might not be the best source of guidance for nonviolent console games… 

The Nintendo Switch port of Legend of Mana is a really good revival of a fun game from the PS2 era, very cute/cartoony and lots to do. Fire Emblem is also good, not sure if your aversion to violence extends to cartoonish stuff or not. And of course, Minecraft and Terraria run on pretty much everything these days. Good luck!

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On the console side I am a big PlayStation fan but the PS5 is a lot of money and the games cost a fortune. With this in mind, I would recommend the Xbox One S which is a very reasonably priced recent console whereby you download the (cheaper) games and there are a ton of titles for his age group and best of all, as he gets older there is a huge library that he can delve into. There are plenty of racing peripherals like steering wheels and or joysticks if he wants to simulate flying a plane for example. Best of all, you can set up the console for ‘Ask A Parent’ which prevents him from accessing games out of his age group, here is a link to give you some idea.

Link []

Good luck, any other questions re setup or anything else please feel free to ask away.

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Sorry for the spam, which I deleted. 

The other link is cool, that is the one from Buckeroo Banzai.  Suggestion for Buckeroo: give a context (short description) for links you include.  Here I see Xbox official tips/guidelines for safe gaming. 

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I think if you don't like to let your children play violent games, let them play football games and have a sporty spirit to help them enjoy outdoor activities more. I've played through games like dream league soccer, fifa soccer on Tech Loky, you can download it for your child to try first to see if he likes it, boys usually like football, wish you can find the game suitable for my child