Quality of Life Requested Improvements (easy ones, it seems to me)

2 months ago

1. You currently have an option to have the party stop upon spotting a trap. PLEASE have another option for the party to stop upon spotting an enemy! At the moment the party keeps walking, and that can result in ridiculous ('unrealistic') movements that leave the party in very exposed positions. Even worse, moving characters can't attack the enemy, so there's no chance to get a surprise attack off. It would be FAR better if the party stopped 'almost' immediately (after overlapping characters have made it to the nearest empty square). Or at the very least, have a "Stop Moving" option for individual characters or the party as a whole. As the game is now, if I suspect baddies might be nearby, I have to move my party around by clicking one or two squares ahead of them, over and over and over and over again, thousands of times per adventure. This QoL improvement would be a huge help.

2. Please put the Compass Rose on the Map screen. I can't believe you put the Rose on the non-Map screen, but not on the Map itself.

3. Please allow individual Maps to have a title, defined in the Campaign Editor. (If they don't already have one; maybe Campaign writers simply aren't using it.) This would be very useful. Many user campaigns are disorienting because players don't know what map they are on (all forests look similar, all sewage systems look similar, all elven buildings look similar, etc). In some user campaigns I've been forced to keep annoyingly detailed notes of every map entry and exit point in order to stay oriented. A simple map title would be a big help.

4. Allow players to put notes on Maps. And if you do this, allow the Campaign Editor to put notes on Maps too, so the campaign writer can leave useful and entertaining notes for players.

5. I spend a lot of gametime lighting sconces -- and torches, glowing magic balls, etc. -- using Sparkles or Firebolt. When any sconce-lighting cantrip is being cast, it would be delightful to have a targeting option of: "Light all targetable sconces". Upon clicking that option, the mage would shoot out a sequence of however many Firebolts or Sparkles are required to light every sconce lightable from the mage's current position.  If Firebolts roll a Critical Miss, have the mage automatically try again. Be aware that some sconces appear to be unlightable. They look fine during gameplay, but for some reason they simply can't be ignited even if every possible method is used several times. Don't get into an infinite loop trying to light one of these.  (Be further aware that limitations in the Editor's wall-building blocks means that sometimes campaign writers have walls with sconces on the 'outside', where they're totally inaccessible. Just pretend they don't exist.)

I have 1,300 hours in Solasta so far, and am looking forward to many more, especially if you make the above improvements :)