Q on wizards and shields

1 year ago

So Im playing a wizard (sellsword) and when I have a shield in inventory it says "not proficient and cannot equip."   However when I double click on the shield it gets equipped and the wizard AC goes from 13 to 15, so it apparently working.   Is this a glitch?   

Level 5
1 year ago

It does sound like a glitch. Medium armor proficiency does not give shield proficiency, and I don't think there's any feats in Solasta that give shield proficiency. Your wizard generally just has to live without regular shields. 

I'm pretty sure it's by design. If your sellsword wizard could use shields they could have the same AC as your frontline fighters. 

1 year ago

yeah, the interesting thing is if you "drag" the shield in inventory to the slot, it doesnt want to go there.  But if you double click the shield, then its equipped.