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I have just recently been introduced to Solasta, as in I downloaded it on my PC last night and was able to spend a little time exploring the interface, character creation and the Dungeon Maker. My question is this. Is there a paid for subscription required to publish a custom campaign, or will simply having a Solasta login or a Steam login suffice? Also, while I'm asking questions, I haven't been able to look into this yet. It looks like there's ways to create new classes/sub classes? Is there a way to create new races or sub-races that are not natively in the game? Lastly, is it possible to share/plan/run a custom built campaign with friends, without having to publish it anywhere, or is publishing required so the others can download it?


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A few days ago I played with one of my D&D groups the final assault on a fortress, part of the campaign that we were playing in the tabletop game. I created the scenarios through Dungeon Maker and my players played it (along with me) without any problem, without having to share it on steam or similar :)

I can't tell you anything about creating custom classes and sub-classes, since I haven't gotten into these issues yet. At the moment, I'm just  working on porting the entire adventure from pen and paper to Solasta, and publishing it on Steam/NexusMod/ I hope to have it ready by mid-August :)

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Thanks for this input!That is awesome that y'all were able to play without having to publish it, but I do think it's great that you're working on converting it from pen and paper to Solasta. So how was your experience running it in Solasta? It seems to be perhaps the best GUI based instance of a true RPG, compared to most 'RPG' games which are more of adventure games. Did everyone have a good experience with it, did it work well?

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... It seems to be perhaps the best GUI based instance of a true RPG ...

It is indeed.... We play custom campaign of really good quality with my friends . a 4 party gamers and it is just incredible . What they have done is unique.

It just lack the Dungeon master part to be honest and that would be a killer addition !

Yet it's "just" a Dungeon maker ... and really it is already faaar from all other in term of user friendly/functionnality .

And WE HAVE SOOO MUTCH FUN ! playing the customs campaign !!!