Public - 0.4.21 - Gem quest Dark Castle, Dackin

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1 month ago


I am running clean install and fresh run/save, latest version 0.4.21.

I found 2 cruicial bugs that break the game (cannot continue the game).

1) Cannot interact with master Dackin in the city.

2) If I start Gem quest: Dark castle from the city, I get teleported directly from city to final room with master in the castle (becomes evident later) and immediately start dialog. I passed Intimidate/Persusasion check, then he seems to give me the gem, and afterward everything seems to be broken (like playing quest in reverse). Finally I made my way out of the castle in reverse (with some fights, no Aksha etc just some minor skeletons, both floors), to the outer area with that pond/cottage and then I left the area. In the main city the quest is still marked as unfinished or not started even. Everything is now stalled.

Seems like that first and final teleport location are reversed?


1 month ago

SAME THING HERE> Though i haven't done much after being teleported directly back from the entrance of the dark castle gates back to town.

This is what happened to me

I had just gotten the first gem for the crown  and then went to a conversation bubble outside the main town square after speaking to Dackin wasn't working and the guards right behind him gave me three options to teleport to. One of them was the Dark Castle and i clicked on it and it teleported me all the way to the Magister's quarters and then i tried to exit the room and it started a conversation with an invisible necromancer, i passsed the skill check then getting the necromancer gem. as soon as left the other way I saw a cut scene showing the party arriving at the dark Castle.

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3 weeks ago

Hey there folks,

That's normal, you're not supposed to be using the teleporter (it was included by mistake in this version), which is why everything breaks if you use it. Normally you should walk to Dark Castle through the world map

3 weeks ago

What about the quest with Master Dacin? Is it supposed to be impossible to talk with him?