Proficiency Kit of the Spy

Level 4
2 weeks ago

While playing the Demo I came across the a Testament (or Will) of an elf that I assume to have been wealthy or of a greater position in life.

It took me a bit, but then it hit me upon thinking about Evil actions via a comment in the Discord about the Book of Vile Darkness, that the Forgery Kit Proficiency could be an amazing inclusion for this if it was attached to the Spy instead of the Poison Kit Proficiency.

I mean, the crafting is already going to be item based, so it could even be set up so that all those historical documents can either be sold as I'm guessing the original intention was, OR kept as the materials needed to properly forge supporting documents for whatever the Forger is trying to do.

Best part about this path? The sort of families that would be robbed by following this kind of quest path aren't going to just roll over and give up their stuff or land, they're going to try and arrange for 'accidents' (assassins) to befall the beneficiary, call for duels, or straight up send small armies after the beneficiary until he/she can force the issue.

The only problem I foresee is how far a Paladin in the party is willing to go when in the party alongside evil characters and if they can Fall (which they should) if they go along with some of the schemes that could be cooked up.

Level 7
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2 weeks ago

An interesting idea.  
But I suspect it would be more suited for a game with different focus and something like "cloak and dagger" kind of setting with intrigues and betrayals.

Level 4
1 week ago

From what I read of the Q/A it might be. From how I read it, there's going to be no personal interests going on for any of the created characters because they've made it clear that you're playing the party as a whole. Feels kind of underwhelming to be honest, and a lot more like the set-up for the next story/game, only set up in such a manner that nothing you do will change what happens later. Which bugs me. 

Choice was one of the things that I really liked about the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, seeing how what I did affected things was pretty awesome... well, until Mass Effect 3 where no matter what choices I had made previously, they were overwritten by the writers going: nah, Anderson quit, Udina's in charge and other such things.

I mean, I understand that it's a lot less work to force the story in that manner, but it still  left a bad taste in my mouth.