Profanity Filter [suggestion]

2 years ago

I asked in the discord and someone suggested that I post in the forums to see if this might be something that can be an option?  I ask this, as I stream on Twitch and I push a family friendly and really try not to play any game or have any content that used swear words.

Thank you

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2 years ago

So much this... as a fellow Family Friendly Twitch streamer there are certain response in dialogue that prompt an audible sigh from some of the members of my community.

I do not personally care one way or another, but as I Stream to a number of friends and family who let their young ones watch and participate with me it would be nice to simply take some of those responses off line.

Before anyone gives the old, "Well, you are murdering a bunch of things, what's a little swearing?" message, COVID has curbed my ability to teach table top gaming to younger audiences in person and visuals in games like Solasta allow me to connect with them via Twitch and or Roll20/Fantasy Grounds.

It would just be a nice optional feature is all.

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2 years ago

This is just a cultural thing what you consider a "bad" word might not be the same for me. 

It would saddend me to see the developers but even 1s in doing this since its just pretencious.

Also in a game with this kind of violence in it you care about bad words? Violence is ok but not "bad" words really? Is that what you wanna teach kids?

Id say up them having a lowlife fighter cursing at everyone while haveing the noble paladin avoid it gives more flavor.

Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel. The stuff of legend! Right Boo?

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2 years ago

Great idea, also would be nice to have an options checkbox turning beer into milk and meat into cabbage, so alcohol-free and vegan-friendly streamers could enjoy steaming without offending their watchers.

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2 years ago

If there's not a filter, nobody told the voice actors. 

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2 years ago

Disagree totally, that's a laughable idea. The language is part of the world and the immersion. Also the game is seriously brutal (especially the themes like body horror), not suited for kids. I wouldn't suggest streaming this to children.

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2 years ago

I am slightly confused as to whether the objection is to the written text or that spoken, which are different. I think that expletives of some sort are important to the flavour of the game, but it is easy to end up with language which is unnecessarily offensive. The approach used in the spoken text of using old-fashioned terms such as "bloody" seems to me to work well: they add some 'salt' to the language but are unlikely to cause problems for kids, I'd have thought.

I would add, from experience with other games, that options which increase the amount of voice acting required, such as with and without expletives, tend to be surprisingly difficult and expensive to implement.

2 years ago (edited)

Seems like it would be easy enough to just mute the dialogue when offending words come up. "This beer tastes like Donkey ..." shouldn't put a major strain on the VA budget, although there would need to be some agreement on what words are offensive.

As someone who has no problem with the dialogue personally, I wouldn't use it. But, as someone who generally games with young children myself I can understand the merit to a profanity filter. As long as the solution isn't a replacement of terms (involving additional voice work), but just simple muting.

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2 years ago

The level of profanity used in the cutscenes isn’t something I’d personally stress about. If my kids were still young, I’d probably skip this game with them due to the violence. But if I thought they’d be fine on that front, the language seems inconsequential.

Plus, they need to learn sometime that beer tastes like donkey piss, why not now?!? 😈