Problem with Dungeon Maker: can't open/edit/create quests any more!

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7 months ago

Hello everyone, I am an old school fan of D&D, i love Solasta and its system, the best way to represent pen & paper D&D I ever played on a computer.

I tried the game via Xbox Gamepass, but I appreciated it so much that I bought it and all of its DLCs. Then I started playing with the Dungeon Maker on PC and my passion for it became more serious.

I decided to create my first adventure, first it was for fun but then the adventure became a more serious effort, I put a lot of hours into it and it is almost ready for publishing.


All of a sudden i can't access my quests any more. If I click on any quest, it just kicks me back to the Dungeon Maker's campaign selection. Same if I try to try to create a new quest. This is compromising all my efforts, all those hours put into creating what I think is a good adventure, and now I can't finish it. I needed to tweak the existing quests, refine the texts that in many cases were only placeholders, change a few things, add more new quests, but I can't do any of that any more. This is driving me mad. All those hours of work and now I can't finish it.

Game's version is 1.4.33

Can anybody please help me, suggest a solution, have any idea why this is happening? 

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7 months ago (edited)

What confused me in what you say here, is that to access the editor, you need to click on Dungeon Maker and not on Adventure or what not.

I am on Steam though.  It may be an Xbox Gamepass saving screwup. 

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João Costa
6 months ago

I'm having the exact same problem.

After a while I no longer can edit or create quests as as soon as I click either option I get kicked to the Main Screen.

And it's not XBox pass as I don't have it and got the game directly through Stream.