Problem to stream the game

9 months ago


I am a streamer and received the key to show on my channel.

But a strange thing happened.

I have a gtx1060 and the use of the video card was 90% even though the graphics were reduced for Low. This is normal?

9 months ago

I had a GTX670 (pretty old) and had the same problem. Game was basically unplayable (definietly not streamble or recordable), even on lowest settings. 

Upgraded to the RTX2060 this weekend and game worked flawlessly. 

I didn't notice a huge change in the game world when changing the settings, just the character models. I wonder if it is not properly adjusting settings for the world? Or if the quality could be scaled down even further for lower end PCs?

8 months ago

Never mind. i could play the game fine on Ultra settings, but when I started recording as well, I got major lag. A little in game, but mostly in OBS with my camera.

8 months ago

After you get past the introductions, the game seems to run better. I switched to Ultra settings while recording in a cool looking place so I could see it in its full glory and didn't have any lag going on. maybe there is something weird going on in the beginning of the game?

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7 months ago

I have an RTX2060 and also had around 90% GPU utilization before hitting record or stream. I found that keeping the settings around medium - high with Anti Aliasing off to be some what stable around 70-80%.

When streaming this game I recommend to use CPU encoding instead of GPU as its still a game in development and not optimized. And so far it uses a lot of GPU power.  

My CPU never went above 50%

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1 month ago

your graphics card should be running at or near 100%. That is absolutely normal