Primed Gauntlet, Ring, Scepter & Wand marked as DLC required in Dungeon Maker

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6 months ago (edited)

I think the following items, in the Dungeon Maker, should not be locked to the Inner Strength DLC, 

  • Primed Gauntlet (magical gauntlets are accessible without the DLC)  
  • Primed Wand (one wand recipe, called War Mage +2, is accessible without DLC)
  • Primed Scepter 
  • Primed Ring. 

In general, Primed items and crafting recipes should not be locked to DLC as it can create issues where some Dungeon Maker campaigns become inaccessible.  Most items do not require being of a class locked to DLCs. 

Of course, recipes to craft items reserved for "DLC classes" can logically be locked also to DLC. 

Nb : since the Lost Valley DLC, I now manage two versions of my DM/"mod" (one default that does not require DLCs, and another for DLCs).

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