Primal Calling DLC coming November 4th! Barbarians & Druids rejoice!

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3 months ago (edited)

Alright people,

It is finally time to reveal the date of our upcoming DLC. Barbarian, Druid & Half-Orc enthusiasts around the world rejoice - in two weeks, you'll be able to roam free in Solasta with a squad full of them and lay down some savagery upon them Sorraks! 

That being said, not even news that exciting will deprive you of your scheduled dose of fluff

Solasta turns 1 year old Today!

Exactly one year ago, Solasta went live on Steam Early Access. The campaign would take you up to the end of Dark Castle, we still had our homebrew lighting system and thousands of adventurers died on a daily basis against the tutorial Greyback Wolf. There are plenty of fun tidbits we can share from that time, here are a few for old times' sake:

  • Soraks would shove you without question into instant game-over pits in the caves of Caer Lem - as there were no "floor" back then in the fragmented ruins room. Much salt was spilled over monsters using "cheap" tactics by doing that.
  • The tutorial Greyback Wolf had by far the highest killcount of any monster, due to the fact that we did not highlight the disengage option back then. And since many new players don't read tutorial pop-ups, they would try to fight back and get mauled to death.
  • The Crown Room fight was hard. Very hard. Even experienced 5e players would often struggle if RNG were not in their favor - and remember we had no difficulty options back then.
  • Flying Snakes in Caer Lem would deal 3d4+1 poison, so they could easily one shot your spellcasters. Newer players could easily get slaughtered there.

If you're interested, let us know in the comments and we'll share more anecdotes in the future as we go through the various major Early Access updates and what they brought to the game.

Primal Calling DLC available on November 4th

For those of you who've not been around Solasta for the last few weeks, here is what you can expect from the Primal Calling DLC:

  • The Barbarian Class, with its 3 subclasses: Path of the Berzerker (SRD), Path of the Magebane (Solasta), Path of Stone (Community)
  • The Druid Class, with its 3 subclasses: Circle of the Land (SRD), Circle of Kindred Spirit (Solasta), Circle of Winds (Community)
  • The Half-Orc Ancestry
  • The Wanderer Background, with its brand new background quest located in Copparan

What's this "Community" Tag you may ask? Well, both Druid & Barbarian were part of the Wishing Well Event where everyone could submit their own archetype that they'd like to see implemented in-game. We then sorted through all those wonderful ideas and created Community subclasses from them!

Free Content Update Incoming!

Adventuring hasn't been kind to you lately and you don't got no gold to buy them goods? Worry not, we've got you covered. With the Primal Calling DLC also comes a fat content update - and everyone gets it for free! Aside from the usual bug fixes, here are some of the large changes or additions you can look forward to:

  • You can finally skip the tutorial. Dry your tears of joy, serial rerollers, it's time to jump straight into the adventure.
  • Max level 10? How about max level 12, how does that sound? With them level 6 spells and all.
  • Our characters' faces may not be the prettiest around, but you'll now be able to add scars and face paints. Some more customization can't hurt!
  • Was the final encounter of the campaign a little too easy? We made it harder for you.
  • The Campaign Creator is here. What is the Campaign Creator? A new feature that allows you to bundle custom dungeons together, create custom monsters, items, NPCs and merchants. It's still in development though, so not every parameter can be tweaked yet.
  • The Dungeon Maker now has a Town Interior & Exterior environment! Custom campaigns can now have main hubs where your party can safely rest, trade, and chat with NPCs in-between dungeons!

Skip Intro can be found right under the Difficulty Setting

Facial paint and scars are now on the menu

Campaign Creator - Make your campaign, customize your world!

Town Exterior Environment - Make your own little town, with merchants and gardens!

Town Interior Environment - Time to relax in a cozy little tavern

Alright folks, this is the end for today! See you on November 4th for the Update, keep warm until then! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 2
3 months ago

Excellent stuff!

Level 14
3 months ago

More classes? Yay! An additional racial option? Wohoo! Increased level cap? Awesome! Skipping intro? Frikkin' finally...

I am worried about the increased level cap making life harder for Rangers though, so let's hope Shadow Tamer and Marksman got some good lvl 11 features to keep up with Extra Attack 2 and Improved Divine Smite. 

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

3 months ago

The "big guy" ancestry and the "wilderness guy" background are something I felt the game was lacking - more so than barbarians and druids, which I could live without.

Level 6
3 months ago

Any news on a price for the DLC?

Arif Em
Level 2
3 months ago

You're doing amazing job, guys. 

Excellent news. Keeping my eyes on Steam to buy this DLC as sson as it lands. 

Level 14
3 months ago

Any chance we can see what the new subclasses and background does? 

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

2 months ago

I can't help it lol. I've been waiting on these for a while. It's currently 8:21am EST. Any estimate on when this is going to go live on Steam?

Level 13
2 months ago

$10 for 2 classes and a race I would only play once? Not worth it. 

Lovely Gabby
Level 3
2 months ago

Already bought and downloading. The OG game is great I think that the paid DLC is earned, at least for me.

2 months ago

I have read that the game is now available for macOS as well.

I have seen it only on Steam, with no specific system requirements other than 64-bit (which is good).

Will it come to GOG as well or not?