POI Stuck on Enemy Turn in Necropolis.

3 months ago

Had this happen on the bridge, went back to an autosave and it worked after that but can't get the fight in necropsolis to advance beyond a round or 2 as it hangs on a perpetual enemy turn.
Anyway to manually advance this, I don't have any mods installed - I uninstalled everything and deleted and reinstalled but this is still happening. What gives? How to fix, besides quit playing and go back to Zelda.

3 months ago (edited)


Sorry to hear that you are having such troubles.

There is a list of operations you can try that may hopefully help you if you have a corrupted file:


If none of that worked and you still experiment some issues, could you provide us a save with this issue at contact@tactical-adventures.com ?

You can find this file in C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta

Thank you for your time!