Please Add the Cloack of Billowing

Level 3
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5 months ago (edited)

Hey there,
A special object that you NEED to add in a Solasta Shop : The Cloack of Billowing
see at 1h46.30

Thank you ! :p

"On use as a Bonus Action in-game !"

"VISE LES YEUX BOUH !!!" (c)MINSC pour du live pour de la VOD

Level 10
5 months ago

So, you want them to take time away from development of more systems to make the game better to add in a throwaway magic item that just billows when you use a Bonus Action?


That would require modeling of the cloak for every body type, animation for the billowing and it's pretty useless. It would take dozens of man-hours away from making the game itself better.
The Cloak of Billowing is a trash item I give my players as a joke.