Please add a function to highlight dropped loots

Level 4
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1 week ago

I'm having so much difficulty spotting dropped loots. Can you please add a function to highlight loots?

Level 13
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1 week ago (edited)


The loot needs a bit of either :

  • a more visible color 
  • or be highlighted more clearly when you hit the highlight key (tab I think).

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Level 4
Mayor's Ring (Bronze)
1 week ago

Yes - more visible colour would be nice if highlight loot function can't be added.

mark tidd
Level 5
1 week ago

Loot sometimes blend in with terrain so use left alt to show loot as well.

Also be able to hide user interface while exploring Hit H to hide or undo.

Level 10
1 week ago


Making dropped loot highlight with ALT key or making them a bright color so they don’t blend in with the environment would be a great change. 

Level 11
2 days ago

That would be convenient.

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