Playing the Demo

3 weeks ago

HI, I have played the demo, and I wanted to give you some feed back so far. The interaction with the NPC's is pretty easy. They put you in the story line. Going n at first I ran into the Orc camp. The developer Gods smiled in that I was above them in the standard party set up. This lead to an  orc turkey shoot with the Rogue insta killing with his first bow shot. Them the Mage and Cleric opened with cantrips Fire bolt and sacred flame.. *(note for developers, Add the new cleric cantrip Toll of the Dead from Xanathars guide to everything). The fighter rushed over to block a climbing entrance to get to the party. The hold action option is extremely powerful!!! When the orcs climber up te other ladder, they were shout by bows, and hit by spells. This decimated the Orcs. One orcs got a swing with a great axe on the fighter, crit'd and took him down to help. *(developers note, the healing action or the cry for it should be more visible.)* The drag and drop with the mouse is very intuitive. (nice job!)* I need to see a trapped chest to see how this mechanic works.**I also need to see if a group without a rogue is viable. **