Plans to increase max allowable players

10 months ago


  I have looked but cannot find an answer, but will there be more than 4 players in the future that can play at once? I want to purchase this game, but the limit will not work for my group. Thanks.

Level 2
10 months ago

Currently both campaign of the game are only played with 4 characters max. I think it's safe to assume it won't change.
It would be a big change in the game to have the party number changed.

9 months ago

I agree with that. I can only hope.

Level 10
9 months ago (edited)

Zappastuff from the community modding team is working on 6-player in the official campaigns.  They have it working already, but the mod isn't published quite yet.  I'm hoping for this as well.  Only 4 of the 6 of us from my D&D group are getting to play through the official campaigns right now.  Still quite fun, but holding out for a 6-person campaign in the future.

Here is the screenshot he posted in Discord: