Physical Rulebook

6 months ago

Pretty sure i already know the answer to this one, but just to be sure, I've well and truly missed the boat on getting a physical copy of the rulebook havent i? 

Level 1
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6 months ago

I would like to know this, too. I did not know much about the lore of Solasta at the time of the Kickstarter, so I did not get the books. But having played the Early Access version, I have come to appreciate some of the new rules, new creatures, and the history in the game. If there are no more physical copies, will you be selling a PDF at least? Thanks!

5 months ago

I recently learnd about this game and im DM for some friends. I would love to play this campagin with them, pyhsical or digital maybe on DND beyond.

Level 7
4 months ago

I would like to see the setting including custom races, classes, feats, spells and monsters published to the Dungeon Master's Guild.

Level 10
4 months ago

I've been writing them up as homebrew and noting that they are from Solasta and posting them online.

So far I've done the ShadowCaster, Greenmage, and Shock Arcanist.   * Note:  I have to take a little liberty because they are SUPER OP compared to the subclasses out of the PHB.   I have to tone it down a little bit. Especially the Shock Arcanist.  Which is pure VideoGame OP.

Also, I just make up the abilities for the higher level ones since they are not defined in the game yet.

4 months ago


3 months ago

If anyone has a boxed set, I'll pay a fair premium for it.