Photon cloud

1 month ago

My wife and I were playing today and we were just starting in the new game. We got to the outpost and fought the bat creatures near the end of combat I got a photo cloud error and moved to offline play. At this point the game split us into 2 different offline games. My wife continued the game until she went into the under ground to fight the giant lizards. we reset the game and 4 -5 rounds of combat later I got the photon error again.... I Cant seem to find any info on it. I am running the game pass PC version with full DLC she is on steam Full dlc.....

Level 2
3 weeks ago (edited)

Yes, i agree , there some dark magic behind this "photon cloud" . I have 2 wifi at home and on one ,my "main wifi network", i always  get error when i am the server of our campaigns with my 3 friends . I am the server on Paris and every one is elsewhere in France .

But when i connect to the second wifi network i have absolutly no error ...

I really don't know why but it's a fact . 

Also my first ,main, wifi network have absolutly no problems regarding all other way i use it ... Just a photon cloud error .

...Dark magic, i can feel it ... :)