Photon cloud

6 months ago

My wife and I were playing today and we were just starting in the new game. We got to the outpost and fought the bat creatures near the end of combat I got a photo cloud error and moved to offline play. At this point the game split us into 2 different offline games. My wife continued the game until she went into the under ground to fight the giant lizards. we reset the game and 4 -5 rounds of combat later I got the photon error again.... I Cant seem to find any info on it. I am running the game pass PC version with full DLC she is on steam Full dlc.....

Level 3
6 months ago (edited)

Yes, i agree , there some dark magic behind this "photon cloud" . I have 2 wifi at home and on one ,my "main wifi network", i always  get error when i am the server of our campaigns with my 3 friends . I am the server on Paris and every one is elsewhere in France .

But when i connect to the second wifi network i have absolutly no error ...

I really don't know why but it's a fact . 

Also my first ,main, wifi network have absolutly no problems regarding all other way i use it ... Just a photon cloud error .

...Dark magic, i can feel it ... :)

4 months ago (edited)

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1 month ago

Yep same thing happens to me all of the time.

1 month ago

We are experiencing the same thing,  wife and I playing together in a multiplayer session of Solasta, she joins a game I created and maybe 30 min in or so she gets kicked out with the photon cloud error. I recall something similar awhile back with a different game and the workaround ended up being we had to change the local port on one of the systems running on the same network, the only difference was, we both were joining a server that was running somewhere else so perhaps there is some network confusion when 2 systems are connected on the same network? I'll play around with this and circle back if I find anything.