Pathfinding bug: "No path to destination" in swamp for path that works with multiple clicks

Level 5
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5 months ago (edited)

Game version 1.4.33

Probably very edge case, and not a game-breaking bug. Still curious, and might improve the pathfinding code.

In the swamp behind the Forge camp, towards the big wall(?), I had two "affected characters" standing close to the wall (in that little pocket). Clicking anywhere in the area marked with "affectec area" generated the "No path to destination" message (this was repeatable) and characters did not move. This seems to (not) work vice versa as well. I.e. if the characters start in the "affected area" and I click to where the "affected characters" stand, I get the same "No path" message.

The simple workaround is to either click anywhere between the "affected characters" and "affected area", i.e. move in more than one click, or to click in the "clicking here works" area.

The other two characters standing a couple tiles below the other two did not have any issue. If those two characters also stand in that little pocket, they will experience the same issue though. I can have any number of characters try to move, e.g. just one character or the whole party, with always the same result. So it doesn't seem character dependent.

I don't think a save file is needed for this, but let me know if I should send one.