Patch Notes - Version 1.3.85

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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10 months ago (edited)

PC / Mac

  • Fixed being able to give Esfalad the Dryad Queen's head before starting The Dryad Queen quest, preventing from starting the Jungle Escort quest
  • Fixed the Waterfall exit area sometimes disappearing after entering the Hidden Caves in Verdant Valley
  • Fixed Halman Summer missing from a cutscene... making the dialog very, very strange.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur in Custom Dungeons if you spammed the skip button too quickly during dialogs
  • Added a messsage when trying to select a DLC class in Multiplayer when the host doesn't own the DLC.
  • Made some changes to improve movement smoothness in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an error that could occur when right clicking on an item while in a shop
  • Fixed more desyncs in Multiplayer, such as closing the inventory immediately after moving an item before the network validated the move, or playing around in the bestiary menu.
  • Fixed a rare case where starting a random encounter right before 8:00 AM and finishing it after 8:00 AM would prevent the exit area from appearing.
  • Fixed items not immediately appearing on the ground after being dropped in Multiplayer
  • Improve stability and added more safety nets to prevent potential crashes
  • Fixed the game sometimes displaying xbox controls in weird places without reasons
  • Fixed the Point Buy System being unavailable due to its icon being replaced by the male/female slider (wut?)
  • Fixed a scroll of Resurrection in the People's Hideout causing errors when looted
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur when a Druid in Wild Shape gets knocked unconscious by an attack of opportunity (both the animal shape and druid reaching 0 HP in one strike)
  • Made some optimization passes on Caer Hyfrid
  • Fixed a Ranger with Fast Aim and a +1 Longbow equipped losing their UI when entering combat


  • Made several optimization passes to improve Xbox performance, notably in areas such as Caer Hyfrid which could lead to crashes on Xbox One.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when entering certain cutscenes with a Kindred Spirit summoned
  • Fixed not being able to select usable powers during dialogs with the gamepad
  • Fixed not being able to select different options in the post-combat revive screen with the gamepad
  • Fixed not being able to select a location when reaching an exit area in some Custom Dungeons
  • Fixed Game Menu sometimes not being available with the gamepad
  • Fixed Ray of Frost VFX on Xbox
  • Fixed the A button becoming unresponsive on gamepad if the "Move with Right Click" setting is activated
  • Fixed radial menus sometimes being accessible during black screens which could cause errors
  • Fixed a rare bug where it would be impossible to interact with the statues in the fight against Zharon
  • Fixed a rare bug where the in-game light would become progressively brighter and brighter, until the entire world was consumed in light. Praise the sun!
  • Prevents using invalid file names when using a controller for text input
  • Fixed pinging with a gamepad generating five pings at once, this isn't Apex or League of Legends
  • Fixed certain areas in Caer Hyfrid, Cemetary, Research Complex and Copparan Mines being hard to reach with the gamepad
  • Fixed pressing RT & LT at the same time opening both radial menus... forever. Releasing the buttons won't release you from your torments.
  • Improved navigation with gamepad when selecting feats.
  • Fixed being able to control the host character in multiplayer by opening the inventory immediately after ending your turn (how do you even find those exploits)
  • Fixed two hidden doors in Underground Ruins being permanently highlighted after being opened.
  • Fixed one stone pillar in Underground Ruins (Lost Temple) being impossible to interact with
  • Fixed the location tooltip sometimes overlapping the travel journal on the world map
  • Scrolling down in the merchant item list should now work as intended
  • Fixed missing environment under the Mana Generator in the Dark Laboratory
  • Fixed gamepad guides sometimes appearing during cutscenes

Alright folks, that's it for today! Don't hesitate to drop by our Discord Server to find other players for Multiplayer sessions.

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 7
10 months ago
  • Fixed the game sometimes displaying xbox controls in weird places without reasons

And I thought it was an ad of some sort...

10 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

10 months ago

Game crashes at launch for PC GamePass version after update. Verified files + did full uninstall and reinstall. Played last night pre-patch with no issues. 

10 months ago

Game crashes at launch for PC GamePass version after update. Verified files + did full uninstall and reinstall. Played last night pre-patch with no issues. 

Im having the same issue. Every time I launch the game it does a UNITY 2019 crash!!


Level 1
10 months ago

Same issues as the other two! From the PC GamePass, also verified files.

This is the window we get.

Can we get a hotfix please?

Level 14
10 months ago

i guess it is good that xbox is an option now, although i fail to see the appeal, however, all of those xbox fixes could have been other fixes like the ones that keep getting put on the back burner for 'priority' fixes.  i guess we can patiently wait an other 6-12 months    

yellow flower of courage

10 months ago

Game crashes at launch for PC GamePass version after update. Verified files + did full uninstall and reinstall. Played last night pre-patch with no issues. 

Same problem on two different laptops. Please fix.

10 months ago

the only issue i have is on the expansion they still have not fixed when you go to the ruins or forts any of them it cause the xbox series x to go shut off saying the system is over heating but i the xbox one it runs fine there is a bug that has not been addressed and i cant find anything about it on the forums. 

10 months ago

My game crashes everytime I launch the Xbox PC GamePass version after the update, no luck after I tried to verify the files or reinstall the game.

10 months ago (edited)

Game crashes everytime after update. PC Game Pass version. Unity 2019 window appears and then nothing... 

Please Fix.

10 months ago

Same my game crashes when launch PC Game Pass since the update :(

10 months ago

Gamepass version crashes immediately after launch on three different PC's

10 months ago

Game broken in PC, nice update :/

Level 1
10 months ago

Patch 1.3.85 broke my windows store installation (Gamepass) -- confirmed crash/inability to launch.

Level 1
10 months ago (edited)

About Unity 2019.4.37f1 error.

When did it happen: 

After today's (07/26/2022) patch in Xbox Game Store

What I've found:

This is the error I found at my first player.log after update "\%AppData%\Local\Temp\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\Crashes"

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  at SRDebugger.Services.Implementation.DebugTriggerImpl.OnError (SRDebugger.Services.IConsoleService console) [0x00000] in <1224f78a611b473aa17fa9fc865046f4>:0 

  at SRDebugger.Services.Implementation.StandardConsoleService.AdjustCounter (UnityEngine.LogType type, System.Int32 amount) [0x00031] in <1224f78a611b473aa17fa9fc865046f4>:0 

  at SRDebugger.Services.Implementation.StandardConsoleService.UnityLogCallback (System.String condition, System.String stackTrace, UnityEngine.LogType type) [0x00043] in <1224f78a611b473aa17fa9fc865046f4>:0 

  at UnityEngine.Application.CallLogCallback (System.String logString, System.String stackTrace, UnityEngine.LogType type, System.Boolean invokedOnMainThread) [0x00030] in <85d1d3e7744a4a47b5f51883bf40bba2>:0 

The file 'E:\Microsoft\Solasta\Content\Solasta_Data\level1' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!

[Position out of bounds!] 

(Filename:  Line: 220)

Error Implications:

Game keeps crashing at launch.

After 'level1' is removed from 'Solasta_Data' I get to the load screen.

But doesn't load at all.

Waiting for fix! Thank you so much. :)