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Heya folks!

Thanks for your patience, the new 1.3.53 version is now live! After hundreds of bug fixes and small polishes, countless hours of testing to make sure new problems weren't popping up by solving old ones... It is finally here!


Important Changes

  • Added a party stash in Caer Hyfryd for the party to stash their loot, for all you hoarders out there.
  • Fixed the Reconnaissance quest (Mask faction) not being completable if the Meeting the Rebellion quest (Forge faction) was completed beforehand.
  • Fixed the Mutant Giant Ape in Lost Temple's treasure room not dropping its head upon being killed (Quest item). Look, the head just... it never was there OK? I'm the DM, this was a rare breed of headless Mutant Giant Ape.
  • Fixed the AI sometimes taking too long when multiple monsters were hidden in the fog of war. Biding their time. Plotting your demise.
  • Fixed The Last Endeavor quest failing upon starting a fight with Sitenero
  • Fixed Orenetis not giving his scepter to the party after completing the Major Gate quest. You've been bamboozled.
  • Fixed monsters with legendary actions skipping their turn in Multiplayer. Now bosses are bossy again!
  • Fixed the exit area in Caer Hyfryd sometimes not reapparing even after completing all the available quests in the city. The guards are just taking precautions with travelers you know, with all the diseases going around in the Valley...
  • Fixed the final cutscene not playing properly if you leave Lost Valley by force after aiding the Dominion.
  • Fixed the Primal Threat quest (Rebellion faction) being blocked if you left Dinas Gessa before talking to Ellaria. She's ready to talk to you again.
  • Fixed a freeze when an NPC tries to cast Light (here's a little secret, NPCs don't have inventories in Solasta... so what happens when they use Light which opens the caster's inventory when cast? Nothing good, that's what)
  • Fixed a strange case of identity theft where Vando Klarn was declared dead instead of Cafrain when the latter was killed.
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur if the battle started by using a proxy spell such as Call Lightning. Monster dum dum no understand why lightning hurts them, so monster freeze game.
  • Fixed being able to bypass the final battle cutscene in Crown of the Magister by teleporting to a very specific spot, which would prevent the final battle from playing out correctly.
  • Fixed The Prisoners (People faction) quest no correctly failing if Sitenero dies. He's dead, Jim.
  • Fixed Ellaria being in the entrance of Rebellion's Headquarters instead of properly guarding the magic barrier during the Primal Threat quest (Rebellion faction). Slacker.
  • The doors in Wizard's Lair can now be opened or closed manually by clicking on them after being opened once.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where players could enter the Abjuration Tower after completing the Light Puzzle in Crown of the Magister but the quest would not update, preventing them from rightfully kicking Razan in the shins.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where quickly spamming the Finish button while leveling up would allow for a level up without selecting a subclass, depriving the serial clicker from any future class features.
  • Fixed Meeting the Rebellion quest not failing when failing the intimidation roll after siding with the Forge. What did you expect?
  • Fixed even more desyncs - keep the save files coming, it helps us a lot in finding the sources of desyncs.
  • The host can now adjust custom difficulty settings and gameplay settings while in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Rugan being able to get stuck in the swamp. Rugan no longer joins your party now, he will rejoin his friends immediately upon being freed. Save files with Rugan being stuck will remove him from the party and complete the quest upon loading.
  • Hopefully fixed Giants in the camp suddenly becoming hostile when you entered their camp after doing their questline. If not, please send us your save file.
  • The quest Shallow Grave no longer gets stuck if the party kills Charmer before validating the quest "Find Charmer".
  • Wolves, Spirit Wolves and Shapeshifted Wolves should now be able to climb and jump again. The wonders of medicine!
  • Quality of Life: Added a boatload of crafting ingredients in most shops, no more praying for RNJeesus to bless you with lucky drops.
  • The quest The Prisoners will now fail if one of the prisoners die during the quest.
  • Added a warning when a player with mods join a Multiplayer lobby. Many desync errors we receive are due to players having mods installed
  • Added many new assets to the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed a spawning issue that could happen if the party entered an outpost, left without attacking it and then came back after leveling up several times.
  • The People's headquarters' doors are now unlocked if a fight triggers while inside the building.
  • Fixed a 2nd fight immediately starting upon rescuing Reya and teleporting to the People's headquarters.
  • Fixed an issue where the party could get stuck if they left the Complex before talking to Sitenero, and then came back to talk to him later.
  • Rebellion's first quest now properly fails upon start if the party killed Sima before taking the quest.
  • Fixed being able to use a ladder in Complex while in battle to change location, breaking the game.
  • Fixed Borrowed Luck being able to trigger all the time. 'Cause that's not borrowing luck anymore, it's just plain old cheating, pal.
  • Fixed the party not being able to talk to Renno in the quest The Last Endeavor
  • Fixed the endgame cutscene not properly triggering in some conditions
  • Hopefully fixed an issue that could prevent a Multiplayer game from starting if a player's computer clock was not displaying the right time (yes, that happened more often than you would think).
  • Fixed an unwinnable fight that could trigger if an AoE spell remained in the cavern when leaving the tutorial area.
  • Fixed Finaliel's Lab doors being closed when battling Orenetis

Other fixes

  • Fixed wrong information in quest log after defeating rebels in the Jungle Escort quest
  • Fixed an error that could occur in the Noren Outpost during the Jungle Escort quest
  • Fixed Stone Golem not using its Slow power
  • Fixed the endgame cutscene sometimes not displaying the correct banner in the throne room. That's gotta be a bit awkward, hopefully the steward doesn't get fired over this.
  • Fixed Wand of Blight being unusable by Sorcerers
  • Fixed Armor of the Vagrant being impossible to craft even by the gods with its DC 56, it now has a correct Crafting DC 16.
  • Fixed Holy Weapon dealing the wrong amount of additional damage
  • Flying Creatures now only fly away from their target if they actually have the Flyby ability instead of suiciding into 3 attacks of opportunity every round
  • Fixed Periphanos missing from the Throne Room in the end game cutscene when Orenetis is reunited with Sitenero. Someone forgot to invite him.
  • Fixed the Research Complex being destroyed in the end game cutscene even if The Renewal quest was completed. Fake news!
  • Fixed movement sometimes not properly stopping when a character detects a trap on the way
  • Fixed Fire Wall tooltip showing 8d6 fire damage instead of 5d8
  • Fixed missing icons in the Dungeon Maker
  • Fixed Iron Golem missing Fire Absorption and Poison Breath recharging on 5-6 instead of 6
  • Fixed Life Drain not working properly
  • Fixed dialogs playing too fast in Dungeon Maker cutscenes
  • Fixed Custom Campaigns being tagged as "Steam Workshop" for their creator (and thus become impossible to edit) after being played in Multiplayer.
  • Mac versions will now have Volumetric Lighting disabled by default, as many Mac configurations seem to have issues with Volumetric Lighting causing visual artifacts to appear on screen.
  • Teleporting behind the magical barrier in Dinas Gessa without the Rebellion's approval will now trigger a fight with them.
  • Fixed Clay Golem missing Acid Absorption
  • Fixed not having advantage when attacking Monsters who used Reckless Attack
  • Fixed Tremorsense not properly detecting invisible units
  • Fixed casting Fly / Levitate on a prone character keeping them permanently prone while in the air
  • Fixed cancelling Wild Shape while under the effect of Levitate breaking the game
  • Fixed that one trapped chest in Verdant Valley's caves being impossible to disarm.
  • Fixed Elusive Target lasting one more round than intended.
  • Fixed the quest Wind of Change missing quest markers
  • Fixed players being able to leave Caer Hyfryd without visiting Orenetis the first time they enter the city, breaking the quest flow.
  • Fixed Aura of Righteousness not applying its bonus to magical attacks
  • Fixed not being able to enter the area covered by Vengeful Spirit
  • Fixed Coordinated Defense being usable an infinite amount of time

Known Issues

  • In Crown of the Magister, using invisibility in the Necropolis of Cradle of Fire when meeting Laethar to bypass the fight and exit the zone will break the quest flow and prevent the main story from continuing.
  • In the Shallow Grave quest, if the player chooses to report Charmer, the quest will not tell you to go back to talk to Sima - making it look like the quest is blocked (but it's not, don't be shy just go talk to Sima). The Rebel Outpost Quest will now start, although the Shallow Grave quest will still appear incomplete.
  • In the Shallow Grave quest, if the player chooses to attack Charmer while Rugan is still in his cell, he will join the fight against you. Why, we're not too sure, maybe Charmer is his buddy or something. Anyway, if you want to avoid that you will need to finish A Giant Step quest before attacking Charmer.
  • In the Shallow Grave quest, the option to incriminate Charmer can be missing. In this case, the only option to proceed forward is to kill him (at least until we fix it). Good lord this Shallow Grave quest got the short end of the stick.
  • If you decide to recruit Sitenero, the quest "Escort the Prisoners" is blocked and The People questline can no longer be progressed. The only options to finish Lost Valley are either by force by confronting the Redeemers or to kill Orenetis to get his scepter.
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