Patch Notes (Latest: 29/03/2021, Patch 0.5.42 - Spring Update Hotfix)

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago (edited)

Hi there everyone,

It's been one week since our Early Access launch and we've been hard at work to bring you a whole bunch of improvements! 

Important: If you are running into infinite loading screens, make sure to verify your games files! 

  • Go to your Steam Library and right click Solasta => Properties => Local Files Tab => Verify Integrity of Game Files. 
  • If this doesn’t fix the problem, try loading an older save (such as an auto-save) to go through the problematic area! On rare occasions, save files can get corrupted so the solution is loading another one.


  • Characters and NPCs in the tavern should no longer clip into their chair or the table in the intro cutscene.
  • You are now forced to use Disengage against the Greyback Wolf. Hopefully that will save some more lives, too many budding adventurers died there
  • We've also updated the Quest to clearly indicate that you must push the rock after disengaging
  • Added a camera movement in the Orc Cave to show where the lever is to open the door
  • Added a bit of gold in the Stealth Tutorial, because gold is life

World Map

  • Fixed a bug where locations would sometimes appear at the wrong place. Don't lose your waaaaayyyy!
  • Fixed a bug where the party would sometimes not move on the World Map, then suddenly teleport further away. The DM just forgot to move your tokens, sorry
  • Caer Lem should no longer be producing light at night on the World Map. Its secret goblin nightclub has been closed for sanitary reasons
  • Fixed a bug where trying to travel with an unconscious character would sometimes crash the game. Give the poor lad some of that healing potion!
  • The camera behavior should be more consistant on the World Map now
  • Random encounter locations should now have music outside combat as well

Caer Lem

  • Monsters should no longer shove you to your death. We will re-introduce this feature when we roll out the difficulty settings, but it was too punishing for new players
  • A secret passage in the cave should now properly open up when interacted with
  • Daliat should no longer appear alive in a cutscene if you killed him earlier. He will haunt you regardless, you monster
  • You should no longer be able to walk inside fire tiles. At least not here. Not now. Not like this

Tower of Magic

  • Fixed a bug where killing spiders would sometimes teleport you to an empty Crown Room. Sorry future Solasta speedrunners
  • It should no longer be possible to get a random encounter between leaving the Tower of Magic and the Trouble Night Event
  • Fixed one wall being closer than what the visuals showed in the Crown Room
  • The chest in the Crown Room should no longer be filled with test items

Caer Cyflen 

  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred after Aer Elai (the vision) from the Crown-bearer
  • Started optimizing Aer Elai to reduce fps issues
  • Fixed a rare bug where merchants sometimes weren't positioned properly after cutscenes
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes not properly looking at people when they talk after reloading a save. They're just standing there... menacingly
  • Added a quest marker for the first scavenger quest

Necromancy Quest

  • When fighting Lizzaria, the zombies should no longer be locked behind bars. They get to join the fun too!
  • Fixed a rare crash where killing Lizzaria would drop her Arcane Focus, which probably was an Orb of Annihilation considering how it annihilated the game stability
  • Mardracht has been buffed a lot, poor old man barely had enough HP to stand up. He now is ready to kick some butt
  • Mardracht should no longer disappear before the end of the cutscene
  • Made adjustments to the items found in loot containers
  • Added audio when breaking windows
  • Fixed the main quest not updating if the player immediately rushed to the secret passage instead of entering the courtyard
  • Mana Lamps should no longer go invisible after being lit. Those lamps are weird man, I tell you
  • Added a short fade to black effect when transitioning between Cemetery and Courtyard
  • Skeleton now have new portraits and a small ambiant VFX 
  • Fixed the poor dwarven ghost's beard looking like a fluffy stuffed animal
  • Fixed a few pathfinding issues when playing around moving crates and puzzle doors
  • Added a collider so that players can walk inside a certain sarcophagus. You're already pillaging tombs, don't be rude come on


  • Ring of Protection +1 should now work properly
  • Heavy Armor should no longer reduce AC if you have negative DEX modifier
  • Unidentified items should now properly hide their properties until identified
  • The attunement system should now work properly. The Wand of Lightning Bolt awaits you!
  • Scroll of Lightning Bolt should no longer be named Scroll of Fireball. The scribe in charge of writing scrolls has been reassigned to latrine duty
  • Crafting a scroll of Jump should no longer give you a scroll of Mage Armor. Latrine duty duration has been doubled. 
  • Weapons tooltip should now display if they are Simple or Martial weapons
  • Fixed a bug where drag & dropping items in the inventory would make them... disappear! Truth be told the rogue probably stole them
  • Added some harvestable ingredients. GATHER ALL THE FLOWERS!
  • Made some adjustments to item cost.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a character going unconscious on top of loot, getting healed and then attempting to pick up said loot would sometimes crash the game. Loot is sacred, don't fall on it
  • Faction items should no longer show white squares in their tooltip
  • Updated the Harversack tooltip


  • Updated the icons of Flaming Sphere, Spiritual Weapon and Dancing Light
  • Removed the ability to upcast Fog Cloud for now. Save the frames, kill the upcasting
  • Added VFX effects to the Tongues spell
  • Fixed a rare crash when refreshing spell slots
  • Fixed a very rare crash when spells go poof game goes boom boom. And that's a no no
  • The Shield spell should now properly end on the start of your next turn
  • Fixed a rare crash when casting a spell inflicting a condition using a scroll
  • The game will now display a warning message when trying to scribe a scroll you already know
  • You can now scribe Greenmage spells if you're a Greenmage 
  • When attempting to move spells such as Flaming Sphere, Dancing Light & Spiritual Weapon, you should no longer lose your Bonus action if you immediately cancel instead of moving after selecting it. 
  • You should no longer be able to cast Flaming Sphere directly on top a character
  • Added VFX effects to the Remove Curse spell
  • Casting Levitate on an enemy should no longer give them advantage on their Saving Throw
  • Speaking of Levitate, Spiders should no longer turn invisible if you cast Levitate on them. Seriously, who does that?
  • Fixed Protection from poison doing weird stuff


  • Snow Dwarves should now properly get +2 in Constitution Saving Throws instead of Advantage. Tell me again about how you "misread" the feature, Larry.
  • Fixed the idle pose when holding a 2-handed sword. Fighters all around the world now know how to properly wield a greatsword
  • Fixed a very peculiar bug where an NPC would sometimes replace your character if the two shared the same name. What can I say, some NPCs always wanted to be adventurers
  • Fixed a bug where Saving Throw modifiers were applied twice against Ghouls paralyzing effect. Larry I'm sure you know how to do basic math, stop cheating
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing issues when attempting to level up an Oblivion Cleric
  • Fixed characters sometimes not visually waking up from sleeping conditions
  • Characters in Stealth knocked unconscious will no longer be considered in Stealth
  • Adjusted Anton & Miles (pre-made characters) starting equipment
  • Fixed a very funny bug where some characters would wave their torch back and forth, even when unconscious
  • Fixed an issue with the Sorrak ranged attack animation could sometimes be out of sync
  • Aristocrats should now properly have proficiency in Intimidation as displayed in the tooltip
  • Archers should now properly take into account elevation when aiming at the enemy before shooting
  • Disarming a trap while holding a rapier should no longer show the rapier flying around
  • Added some missing audio for Sorraks, such as spellcasting and Doom Laughter
  • Fixed characters sometimes saluting by placing their arm inside their chest instead of on their chest. Poor Sorraks, they're trying their best to blend in
  • Skeletons should no longer hold their shortbows inside their wrist
  • Characters should now reposition themselves automatically if they start their turn stacked on top of someone else
  • Characters' portrait should no longer be blurry after loading a save during combat
  • Fixed Orcs' faces in the Bestiary


  • Added an option to enable non-seeded RNG (has to be activated manually). Savescummers rejoice! 
  • Dice Rolls should now properly appear when making ability checks during cutscenes
  • Fixed some lighting issues when swapping to the third weapon configuration (weapon + light source)
  • Fixed most missing texts in French, German and Chinese
  • Fixed the camera sometimes not switching to battle mode when entering combat. Peace is not an option, camera
  • Fixed a crash when the creature with the highest initiative died of an "at the start of your turn" effect. 
  • Fixed a whole lot of rare crashes and bugs again! More stability banzai! 
  • Added a button on the main menu to easily leave a review on Steam, which you should totally do because that would make you even more awesome than you already are
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game would sometimes display an empty string instead of the correct location of the party in the save file
  • Fixed the camera sometimes going bananas when focused on a character
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing the player from doing Short Rests after doing a Long Rest + Level up
  • The loading screen when launching the game should now properly scale to your screen resolution instead of being horribly stretched
  • Optimized starting time a bit. You should see a slight improvement when launching the game!
  • Fixed a strange bug that would happen when attempting to fast travel and closing the map at the same time
  • Continue & Load Game buttons should no longer be greyed out when cancelling Character Creation
  • Poisoned and Diseased conditions should now properly be displayed 
  • Fixed a rare and strange bug where audio levels could get out of sync in certain conditions
  • Rocks should properly roll when pushed now, instead of sliding on the ground
  • Fixed a small issue with the Adventurer Ghost portrait
  • Added new sounds to ghouls, skeletons and zombies
  • Made some slight improvements to the map here and there
Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago

Hey there folks,

We're pushing a small Hotfix today for people who're still running into game-breaking bugs during their run. As we want to make sure this small patch does not cause more issues than it fixes (and since it literally only contains bug fixes), we've decided to upload it to a BETA branch on Steam.

What does that mean?

  • If you're not currently running into any game-breaking bug while playing Solasta, you can safely ignore this patch - it's only here for those who're having severe issues when playing Solasta. 
  • If that's your case, you can try to switch to the following BETA branch to download the patch and hopefully play in peace without those pesky bugs gnawing at your ankles!

How do I do that?

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right Click on SOLASTA Crown of the Magister
  3. Select Properties...
  4. Select the BETAS tab
  5. Put in the Beta code ireallyhatebugs
  6. Click on CHECK CODE
  7. Select the 0.3.4_beta branch (instead of NONE). 
    • If you can't see it, restart Steam and re-open the BETAS tab, it should be available now.
  8. When you successfully select the 0.3.4_beta branch, you should see a small message under the code box
  9. That's it, just close the Properties window and the hotfix should start downloading!

Note: If you're running into infinite loading screens, make sure you read the following thread

This will be the last patch before switching our entire focus to the next big update, which will drop this winter season! We'll have to ask you all to be a bit patient until then, as we won't be delivering any updates until then - every small patch we make delays the larger one, and we know you're all waiting for more content from us, not just fixes. We will go into more details as to what this big Winter Update contains, but let me already tell you that there will be new quests, more customization and the Rogue's Hide action among other things!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago

Hey there folks!

Welcome to Solasta's Winter Update! With the addition of the new Monastery Questline, the Early Access should now reach 12h - 14h of total game time. We've also taken action regarding the most popular requests, such as adding more customization options and changing the lighting system which was deemed too punitive (we've reverted the rules back to the 5e tabletop ruleset). Hope you enjoy!

New Content / Feature:

  • An entire new Questline is unlocked after Mardracht's tea party(which may or may not involve tea). Tactical Adventures does not condone violence against the elderly. 
    • Upon returning to the World Map, a new location should now become available.
  • Many new magic items have been added to the game, because magic is cool and you know it. And no we won't spoil which ones.
  • You can now hide during combat! Wooh for sneaky dastardly deeds, chivalry is for dumdums with negative intelligence modifier. That's not me, that's what the Rogue said.
    • Hiding requires you to break line of sight with all enemies before doing so
    • Creatures can see in a 180 degree arc in front of them, instantly revealing you if you step into their vision range (no Stealth Check)
    • Otherwise, you will have to roll a Stealth Check under the following conditions:
      • You end your turn too close to an enemy (distance depends on many factors, such as your Stealth score and armor type)
      • You take an action such as attacking or casting a spell.
    • Note that Hiding in Combat is a very contested rule on Tabletop, so we invite you to give us feedback if you think the current system can be improved.
  • Because hiding isn't enough, you can now also apply poison to your weapon. Hey, say what you want but a win's a win. 
  • Several new spells have been added to the spell list. You ready? Pass without trace, See invisibility, Animal Friendship, Find traps, Calm emotions and Protection from poison. What do you mean that's lame? Oh sorry Larry, I forgot you only take spells that deal damage because that's all you care about. Well not every spell can be a fireball, Larry. 
  • Two new homebrew cantrips have been added to combat darkness more effectively: Shine, which lights up an enemy like a candle from afar for a solid minute - and Sparkle, which is quite literally "I cast magic missile at the darkness" (okay, difference being you still need to target interactable objects such as wall sconces to light them up). 
  • Many new Hair / Eyes / Skin Colors have been added to the Character Creator
  • Each Ancestry now has access to new additional faces in the Character Creator, on top of the old ones. NPCs also got a facelift in the process. 
  • Several new monsters have been added to Solasta. You will encounter them in the new locations of the Winter Update, but you may also run into them during Random Encounters.
  • The Scavenger Faction is now up and running! Simply go to them whenever you drop by Caer Cyflen, and they'll send their best to go loot the areas you cleared (including random encounters). We will further develop the Scavengers in the future, but don't hesitate to ask for their services already and tell us what you think!

Major Changes:

  • The inventory & loot systems have received a lot of requested upgrades:
    • You can now double click to loot / equip items
    • The party will now share their wealth, instead of hoarding each coins individually like little gremlins. Shopping just became much easier.
    • We added a second quiver so you can easily switch between regular arrows and magical arrows.
    • You will now receive a warning when equipping a combination of weapons you can't dual wield, such as Rapier + Dagger.
      • As a reminder, you need two light weapons to be able to dual wield properly (Rapier isn't light).
    • Looting will now open a small window instead of the entire inventory
    • Looting bodies (after battle) will now automatically loot a sizeable area around the body. You may still need to loot some bodies separately if one died particularly far from the fight (for instance if it was perched on a tower). 
    • You can now open a shop directly after having talked to the merchant NPC at least once. Simply click on the shop tent instead of the NPC.
    • The shop interface has been revamped to display more items at once, and base scrolling speed has been increased.
  • The lighting system has been reverted back to Tabletop rules:
    • Dim light will no longer give disadvantage on attack rolls, only on perception checks (so you better keep that torch out unless you love running into traps).
    • This means Darkvision will properly allow you to attack into darkness with no disadvantage, since the character will view darkness as dim light. Note that Darkvision still has a maximum range (most often 60', meaning 12 cells) - so beyond that range good old disadvantage will still be here rubbing its hands with its crappy RNG. 
    • Soraks will now receive the "Children of Darkness" buff while in dim light and darkness which enhances their fighting prowess, as they are creatures of the dark. Fighting Soraks? Get some light out or be prepared for a whole lot of pain.
    • Note that unlike on tabletop, you will still be able to target creatures that are heavily obscured. Technically speaking you shouldn't be able to click on enemies in the darkness, but we found that it made the game very frustrating as the player could see the monsters even though the character wouldn't be able to see them, so they were unable to interact with them. And that made any non-darkvision ancestries even weaker compared to before - you wouldn't even attack with disadvantage, you would just not attack at all. 
  • The combat console has received several improvements:
    • You can now hover any attack, damage, saving throw, ability check roll to see the details of the dice roll
    • You can now hover creature names to see the monster card (with your current level of knowledge of the monster)
  • The combat UI has also received several improvements:
    • Using Dash will no longer immediately consume your action, and will instead show you the updated movement range. Moving inside the first area will only consume your movement, while moving outside that range will use your action to dash.
    • Other actions such as Dodge or Disengage will now ask you for confirmation, as well as reminding you what the action does. No more terrible misclick! 
  • The Food System is now a little less hardcore for parties without Rangers:
    • The general shop in Caer Cyflen will now offer up to 50 rations instead of 10.
    • The system will now properly prioritize food you find on the road, so you should consume less rations during your travels overall.
    • World Map travel also allows you to automatically cast Goodberries / Create Food and Water before camping to avoid consuming your rations. 

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Some NPCs in Caer Cyflen now wear faction tabards. I heard it's a fashion thing, adventurers like you wouldn't get it.
  • You will now be able to buy the Manacalon Rosary in the general shop in Caer Cyflen.
  • Exit Areas have been made much more visible. No more wandering around looking at the ground to find the exit! 
  • You will now be able to click directly on the hit dice in the Short Rest panel, and the dice will properly roll on the bottom of the screen.
  • Long rest fire icons now flicker. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like much but it's super cool, swear on me mum
  • Added animations to Hanging Cages crashing down (Caer Lem - Goblin Hideout)
  • The ground should now look a little less monotone outside Bone Keep
  • Added VFX to some spells that were missing them (such as Magic Weapon)
  • Made some improvements to the blueprint (M)
  • Scrolls of the same spell will now stack properly
  • Added visual feedback above a character when a condition (such as paralysis) is removed. 
  • Added a visible "Enemy Movement" banner during enemy turn, as monsters who were playing without being visible sometimes led players to believe their game was stuck. 

Bugfixes / Others

  • You will now receive a pop-up during Loading Screens if you're running into an infinite loading screen bug. Well hopefully you won't ever run into that issue, but at least you won't be sitting there wondering if it's ever going to finish loading or not. 
  • The "Alt" Key that highlights interactable objects will now properly work in combat as well
  • The bug which was causing looting to take several seconds instead of being instant should now be fixed
  • The ladder which was unusable in Tower of Magic is now... well, usable again. Go get that chest, folks.
  • ... And plenty of other bugfixes here and there, too many to detail!

Known Issues

Here are a few bugs that we didn't quite catch in time to get them fixed for this update - and that we'll likely be hammering down in the upcoming hotfixes later this week. 

  • [Blocker] In front of the Abjuration Tower, there is a small puzzle that only activates by night. Attempting to interact with it during the day passed the quest update telling you to come back by night will break the puzzle and block any further progress - meaning you'll need to load a save from before you interacted with the puzzle. 
  • In a certain Bone Keep room, killing the ghost in a single round will make the game take around 10 seconds to end the combat. That's the time it takes for the DM to stop weeping at you killing their monster so fast.
  • Some skeletons in Dark Castle have been tagged as allies by mistakes. If you can't beat them, join them I guess? Anyway, don't worry the fight will still end once you off all the opponents - no need to try and kill your newfound friendly skellies via Fireball or other AoE spells. 
  • The Ready Cantrip ability will cast Sparkle instead of offensive cantrips if you have Sparkle in your spellbook. Since monsters aren't torches, nothing will happen.
  • The Minotaur does not like when you use Ready Action. If you attack him it with a ready action when he is charging, he will ask the game for a 10 second time out before resuming his charge. 
  • There are some missing textures on the ground next to the cemetery in one of the new areas.
  • In a certain prison cell you will find not one, but two barons. While we could try to shift the blame on your alcohol intake, that's just a mistake by the DM.
  • Broods have learned how to cheat the system and can no longer be targeted by weapons while on walls. However, we have learned to outwit the Broods by telling you that you can still target them by clicking their portrait instead while we fix this loophole of theirs. 
  • If you save during a specific encounter against a single Brood and later load that save, you will see that this particular Brood somehow managed to cast Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and you will be facing five broods instead. You don't know, maybe it was a Hokage in its past life. 
  • [Old Save] It is possible (not 100%) that some saves from older versions will run into a blocker in Bone Keep, where you will be unable to open a certain door because the lever that opens it won't appear on the wall (see screenshot below). If that happens, either load another save and try again - or you will need to start fresh again :(

Difficulty and you:

We've seen a few people concerned that the game might be getting too easy due to certain changes. As always, keep in mind that we're mostly doing those changes because we haven't implemented difficulty settings yet - so we need to make sure people who are not expert at tactical RPGs can also enjoy Solasta. Fear not however, as you will find all the challenge you wish for once we implement higher difficulty options when version 1.0 hits the store. 

Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 year ago

Hey there again folks,

It's time for the January Patch! This small update should work out most out the bugs released with December's Winter Update, as well as a few others that thrived in our game since our Early Access came out in October. This means... it's patch note time!

But before that, say hello to Newt! She's growing so fast!

Patch Download Size:

As we often see people complaining about the size of each update, I'd like to clarify once more why you're more or less re-downloading the entire game every time. Long story short, due to how Unity works (the engine Solasta is running on) we've had to make a choice between longer loading time, or bigger patch download size - and considering we're not too keen on making loading screens even longer than they already are, we've prefered to choose the latter. That's pretty much the short version of it :(

Spells / Powers:

  • Spells will now require a passive Arcana Check to recognize them during combat.
  • The Spell component system has been implemented (options are available in the settings if you want to disable it)
    • Verbal:
      • Full (Default): Silence now prevents you from casting spells with Verbal components.
    • Somatic: 
      • Basic (Default): Restrained now prevents you from casting spells with Somatic components. 
      • Full: Same as Basic, but you also need a free hand. Two-handed weapons (i.e. Quarterstaff) count as having a free hand.
    • Material:
      • Basic: You must have a holy symbol, spellcasting focus or component pouch equipped to cast spells with Material components. Magic wands and magic staves are also considered as spellcasting foci. Note that spells with expensive components can also be cast in the same manner without any additional cost.
      • Full (Default): Same as Basic, but spells needing specific components will require you to have them in your inventory (i.e. a pearl to cast Identify, a diamond for Revivify...)
  • You should now be able to cast Sparkle as a Bonus Action even after casting a spell with your Main Action
  • Finally swapped the Eat / Feed Goodberries buttons, so your wizard no longer "accidentally" gobbles all the berries on their own.
  • Fixed spells no longer working on wall sconces / magic lamp and other interactable elements on occasions.
  • Losing concentration while flying to a location (by an attack of opportunity for instance) will now make you fall as soon as you lose concentration instead of attempting to reach your destination.
    • Fixed the animations when losing concentration after getting hit while flying.
  • Fixed Conjure Animals VFX not playing properly.
    • Fixed a rare bug when trying to summon creatures somewhere with limited space. 
  • Elves are no longer affected by Sleep at all (instead of being immune but still feeling a bit weak in the knees)
  • Fixed a bug when casting Feather Fall after being shoved into a pit
  • Updated VFX for Magic Arrow, Arcane Fury, Guiding Bolt, Doom Laughter and Shine
  • Updated Icons for Arcane Fury, Animal Friendship, Indomitable Light, Soothing Hand, Aura of Protection and Word of Law
  • AoE Spells info box should no longer re-appear every time your cursor moves to a different cell.
  • Added a tooltip to Calm Emotions
  • You should no longer be able to cast AoE spells further than their maximum range. No cheating! 
  • The various Creed feats no longer grant you Expertise in specific saving throws if you were already proficient. No, getting proficiency twice does not equate to Expertise, it doesn't work like that. 
  • Fixed Sparkle being selected when using Ready Action (Cantrip).
  • Cancelling the cast of a concentration spell when you already concentrating on another spell will no longer make the combat grid disappear.
  • Casting teleport spells like Misty Step now displays the movement grid to show where you can teleport
  • Feats should now work properly. If there are still bugged feats, please specify which feat and we'll take another look at it.
  • Aura of Protection tooltip should now display the proper Saving Throw modifiers. 
  • Fixed Sacred Weapon not working properly.
  • Fixed Vampiric Touch not correctly consuming your main action, previously allowing you to spam it. 
  • Preserve Life now properly states in the Combat Log that it cannot heal characters above 50% HP. 


  • Updated the VFX when drinking some potions
  • Characters should now wield two-handed swords properly
  • Added new icons for some +1 armors
  • Improved the Crown's tooltip when more gems are added
  • Fixed Basic Poison acting like a Potion of Health. You should no longer drink poison unless that's your kink, and even then we heavily advise against it. 
  • Characters no longer hold both weapons in the same hand when trying to equip two non-light weapons. Also, it's completely useless. Don't do that. 
  • Bracers of Archery now only works for bows. I mean those are Bracers of Archery, not Bracers of Universal Bonus Damage.
  • Identifying an item should now identify all items with the same name (example: +1 arrows, potions of healing...)
  • Copying a spell into your spellbook will no longer consume the entire stack of scrolls
  • Your entire party can now interact with Chests as long as they are close enough (without needing every character to open the chest on their own)
  • Scroll of Fog Cloud now require you to know Fog Cloud and not Jump. Because logic.
  • Magic items no longer display their properties when equipped in the utility slot while unidentified. 
  • Comparing weapons will now take into account the loadout you are currently using, instead of always comparing with first weapon loadout. 
  • Fixed some recipe having too many dots in the crafting interface.
  • Fixed some crafting recipe requiring the wrong components (i.e. Battleaxe of Acuteness needing a Greataxe) 
  • Equipping multiple magic items with active components will now display each of them in the combat UI
  • Wands no longer contain unlimited charges. 
  • Scrolls of Raise Dead are now correctly usable by Clerics and Paladins. Long story short, because Early Access limits you to level 3 spells Raise Dead (level 5 spell) wasn't considered a valid spell, so they couldn't cast it...
  • Belt of Dwarvenkind now correctly increase max HP as a consequence of gaining additional constitution (current HP remains the same). 

Scenario / Map

  • Fixed the Dragon Cutscene triggering after killing four ghosts inside the Wizard Tower.
  • You should no longer be able to go through a certain rock inside Caer Lem. The illusion magic ran out, we had to replace it with a real rock. 
  • Culling (how the game detect to make the decor transparent when your characters are behind a wall) should now be working better inside the Wizard's Tower.
  • Fixed a cutscene in Coparran not using the correct music track
  • Fixed footprints missing from a cutscene in front of Wizard's Tower
  • Fixed the combat music not stopping during a cutscene in Wizard's Tower
  • The bench in Monastery should no longer be usable during night time, since its sole purpose in life is for the party to wait until night time. Poor bench.
  • Added some music transitions in most cutscenes in the Monastery Quest Line
  • Fixed the Princess not having proper lip-sync in some cutscenes
  • Fixed a bandit in the Prison Tutorial not having a face. Blasted Doppelgangers... 
  • Added water splashes when walking in the water.
  • Razan should no longer be able to teleport outside the Dragon Room.
  • Kythaela's body will no longer disappear if you save / load during the fight against Razan
  • Pressing "Alt" to highlight interactable elements in front of the Wizard Tower will no longer destroy your retina because one foliage decided to roleplay as a miniature sun. 
  • Removed some destructible elements in front of the Wizard Tower which served no purpose.
  • Fixed Hugo Requer's quest sometimes not completing properly.
  • Fixed Angbi's Bones quest blocking dialog with the Antiquarians after completing it. 
  • Sir Sunblaze now properly holds and reads the Sorak scroll like he used to
  • The Wizard's Tower doors no longer close if you long rest after completing the puzzle.
  • Changed Coparran's lighting
  • Fixed lighting issues in Tower of Magic Crown Room
  • Skeletons in Dark Castle are now back to being hostile. Peace was never an option.
  • There are no longer two Barons in Coparran's prison. We toid his twin brother that his services will no longer be needed. 
  • Fixed the Ruby Gem not being visible on the Crown after obtaining it. 
  • Fixed a rare crash happening when entering the Goblins Cave in Caer Lem
  • Set the maximum amount of steps tracked by the quest tracker to 10 to avoid overflow
  • Updated the cutscene with the sleepy dragon. Wish we could hibernate like that too, but we've got a game to make!
  • Fixed a bug where the door to the dragon door in the Wizard Tower became would become impossible to open after saving / loading once inside the Tower.
  • Fixed the travel journal no longer working after a certain time. This fix is unfortunately not retroactive, so old saves will still have a broken travel journal.
  • Fixed Broods infinitely respawning in front of the Wizard Tower after a long rest.
  • Updated some tavern cutscenes.
  • Fixed being able to trap a character in a pit next to the Wizard Tower if they don't have enough strength to get out (and no teleportation spell). 
  • Certain quests will now automatically be tracked when started. 
  • Fixed the broken bridge cutscene in the Wolf Tutorial.
  • Removed an invisible block in Dark Castle.
  • Slightly lowered the difficulty of ability checks during the dialogs with Aksha and Mardracht
  • Fixed a bug where random encounters would stop triggering if you traveled to Caer Lem straight right after getting the Crown in Tower of Magic.


  • Winter Wolves can no longer temporarily freeze time before using their Cold Breath power. They were growing too strong, too dangerous. 
  • Similarly, Talbut no longer temporarily freezes time after getting hit with non-magical weapons. There's just too many time lords in this game.
  • Guess what? Yes, Minotaurs also did that. Time would freeze when you triggered a Ready Action during their charge. It's been fixed.
    • Also, Minotaurs are no longer silent when attacking. We gave them some throat medicine and they're back in shape!
  • Wolves now have a prone animation when shoved to the ground.
  • Ghasts now have a ranged attack, with a new special attack animation.
  • Razan now flies as intended instead of walking in the air like in Chinese kung fu movies.
    • He now also has his proper skin color and clothing.
    • His portrait has also been fixed.
  • Updated some monster portraits.
  • Orcs now have new run and idle animations
  • Updated the Defiler's Misty Form VFX
  • Broods should be targetable once more while they are scurrying on the walls. Their immunity to mouse cursors have been removed. 
  • Fixed Flying Snakes death animation not playing properly.
  • The Wight now laughs during his idle animation. 
  • Monsters capable of spellcasting will now attempt to avoid areas targeted by Silence.
  • Monsters capable of spellcasting will now avoid using spells like Sleep on healthy high HP adventurers. Me no stoopid!


  • Halflings should no longer take an attack of opportunity when going through an enemy in some rare cases . We'll blame that on the DM forgetting about their racial feature.
  • Fixed the game sometimes freezing when casting a spell while flying
  • Fixed crawling sometimes not working properly during combat, making some characters unable to crawl through small spaces.
  • Attacking unconscious characters in melee range will now properly trigger a critical hit. 
  • Characters killed by Life Drain will no longer roll death saving throws
  • Fixed Human & Dwarf Female death animation.
  • The "Alt" Hotkey (highlight interactable) now works in combat like it used to
  • Dead Characters will no longer take damage nor roll Saving Throws. Yes I know it's boring to be dead, just go make a Dice Tower or something. 

Other fixes / changes:

  • Fixed a potential memory leak related to particles attached to monsters. What does that mean? I have no idea. Don't attach particles to monsters folks, or do it carefully. 
  • Fixed the German translation which had reverted to a previous version by mistake.
  • Modified the lighting in the Character Creator
  • Fixed the size of the encumbrance panel in the merchant interface
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen when opening the inventory
  • Fixed clothes clipping through skin in some cutscenes
  • Fixed clothes clipping through skin when wearing Leather Armor
  • Fixed a bug where characters could be stuck in their falling animation after getting shoved
  • Fixed some instances where a character could instantly die by falling through the map
  • Fixed a bug when trying to leave the map while the loot window is still open
  • Fixed Halflings not holding certain weapons properly
  • Added VFX to the level up screen! More power!
  • Characters paralyzed by Ghouls will now properly roll Saving Throws after the combat ends instead of remaining paralyzed until the start of the next combat. 
  • You should now be able to resurrect characters that died after having their max HP drained to 0 by a Defiler.
  • Spam clicking Hit Dice after a short rest will no longer teleport the Hit Dice outside the interface. And yes, that 1 still counts even if the dice landed on the floor.
  • Item quantities will no longer appear twice on the Blueprint map when hovering containers.

Difficulty and you:

We haven't forgotten about you folks out there who would want an easier or harder experience that what Solasta is currently providing. You'll be happy to know that we've started working on difficulty settings! We've decided to offer a wide variety of options that you'll be able to customize on your own (on top of the preset you can choose from if you want to keep it simple), such as adding modifiers to attacks, saving throws and ability checks, harder AIs that use their powers more often (still limited by the tabletop rules) and target unconscious characters to finish them off, different encumbrance rules - we're even adding weighted dice for those who've prayed extra hard to the RNG gods. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, there will be more for you to play with once we're done with it! 


Community Suggestions:

We've already gone through two rounds of Community Suggestions, you can read our answers in the following links:


Article by Tactical Myzzrym

9 months ago

Edit: The Spring Update Hotfix has been released, you can read the changes here (mostly stability fixes). 

Hey there folks!

The Spring Update should now be live, with a plethora of changes and new content! With the addition of the difficulty options, side quests and background quests, your Solastan experience is getting closer and closer to the final release. Well bugs and polish aside of course, Early Access has proved quite effective at finding and squashing them so far! But enough talk, it's time to dive into the patch notes.

Old Save Files are NOT compatible 

As stated in our previous articles, due to changes in existing systems save files from previous versions will NOT be compatible with the Spring Update. That said, we're adding a lot of side content in this new update, so restarting a fresh run will give a new experience where you don't have to run after the main quest! 

Note that we will put the previous version of the game (January Update) on a separate Steam branch so that you can keep playing with your old saves if you want to. And although one is never safe from a bad surprise during Early Access, save compatibility should hopefully be preserved from the Spring Update onwards.

Spring Patch Sales & Price Increase

Solasta will be discounted when the Spring Update hits the store on March 25th until March 31st, after which the price of the game will increase from $35 to $40 in anticipation of the 1.0 release. This is due to the fact that Steam prevents games from discounting within 30 days of a price increase, so we unfortunately cannot increase the price when 1.0 gets released while also having a launch discount. So if you want to jump in Solasta at Early Access price, make sure you don't miss the Spring Update sales! 

New Content / Feature:

  • Added the Dungeon Maker (Beta). The Dungeon Maker allows you to create, share and play custom maps, and will continue to get improved over time. Check the Dungeon Maker section below for more information. 
  • The Main Quest now continues a little bit past the Wizard's Tower. You will be able to return to Caer Cyflen to report to the Council and will unlock your own residence (simply a resting area, not customizable), after which you will be free to continue playing instead of being booted back to the main menu. 
  • Added Background Quests for each of the 8 Backgrounds available in Character Creation. Background Quests are only available if one of the party member has the right Background - for instance, the Spy Background unlocks the Spy Background Quest. You can check where to unlock them in the following article.
  • Added Side Quests. Side Quests are available through the Adventuring Board found in Caer Cyflen close to Gorim's Emporium, with the first unlocking once you talked to the Council after returning from Caer Lem. Be warned, some Side Quests may be quite difficult if you tackle them immediately after unlocking them! 
  • Added Difficulty Settings. Difficulty Settings can be found the in the Settings => Game tab and can be customized at any time. Note that higher difficulty modes have not yet been properly balanced yet, so playing on Cataclysm may very well make you want to eat your keyboard (please don't).
  • Implemented Legendary Actions for Aksha and Razan. Legendary Actions allow certain bosses to act outside their turn, so you may have to change your tactics a bit!
  • Added Achievements (WIP). Achievements are missing localization (FR / DE / ZH) and icons, but are otherwise functional. Note that some achievements may not be unlockable until the full 1.0 release - such as the achievement for finishing the game. 
  • Added new Martial Feats and rebalanced a couple of existing ones. Read more about them here.

The Dungeon Maker (Beta)

The Dungeon Maker is an in-game tool available directly in the main menu which allows you to create, edit and play custom maps. The video above is a quickstart guide - if you need a more in-depth guide, it is available in our Forums over there

How do I share the dungeons I created? 

You can access your custom dungeon folder by simply clicking the in-game "Browse Files" button in the Dungeon Maker menu. The folder can also be manually found there: "C:\User\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations". Whenever you create a map in the Dungeon Maker, the game will create a .json file containing all the information with the same name there.

Where do I share the dungeons I created?

For the moment we're still working on Steam Workshop Integration. In the meantime, you could always drop by good ol' NexusMod where many other mods are already available (reminder: mods are community driven, Tactical Adventures has no control over them and cannot guarantee that they work properly). 

How do I play a dungeon I just downloaded?

Simply copy paste the .json file into you custom dungeon folder, that you can either access by clicking the in-game "Browse Files" button in the Dungeon Maker menu, or manually opening "C:\User\[YourUserName]\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations". The new dungeon should then appear in-game in the Dungeon Maker list. 

I have a question about the Dungeon Maker!

Make sure you read the in-depth forum guide about the Dungeon Maker, and if you still have questions feel free to swing by our Discord server and head to the #modding channel!

Will you update for the Dungeon Maker in the future?

Of course! You might have noticed the Dungeon Maker is still lacking quite a few features, and that's because the Dungeon Maker will still be in beta when we release the full 1.0 version of Solasta (we've got to make sure we wrap up the main campaign properly first). There are tons of things we want to add later - quest systems, dialogs, merchants, more environments... Make sure you tell us what you'd like to see first! 

Major Changes:

  • Increased max level cap from level 6 to level 8. MORE POWER!
  • Adjusted Sorak Skirmishers, Sorak Warriors and Sorak Saboteurs stats to further differentiate them. Read more about it here.
  • IMPORTANT: A mistake snuck in at the last moment and Sorak Saboteurs have incorrectly been granted the power to Sneak Attack (2d6), which can make them extremely dangerous in combination with their Doom Laughter Power. This change wasn't intended, so if Soraks feel even harder than before don't worry it's (unfortunately) normal for now. 
  • The Major Teleportation Gates are now fully functional! Cobbler found at local tavern lamenting the loss of their best customers. 
  • The following spells have been added: Animal Friendship (Green Mage), Entangle (Green Mage), Giant Insect (Green Mage), Freedom of Movement, Wind Wall, Banishment, Black Tentacles, Blight, Conjure Minor Elementals, Death Ward, Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Greater Invisibility, Ice Storm, Identify Creatures, Phantasmal Killer, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire.
  • The following feats have been added: Ambidextrous, Discretion of Coedymwarth, Eager for Battle, Follow Up Strike, Hauler (reworked), Might of the Iron Legion (reworked), Powerful Cantrip (reworked), Raise Shield, Rush to Battle, Sturdiness of the Tundra, Take Aim, Twin Blade, Uncanny Accuracy (reworked)
  • Note: For Raise Shield and Twin Blade, keep in mind that the reaction pop-up only appears if the +3 AC boost can prevent you from being hit - so don't be surprised if you don't get a reaction trigger if you have 15 AC and the enemy rolls a 19.

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Preserve Random Seed has been turned off by default. If you're wondering what that does, we talked about it in detail in a previous article. Long story short, parallel worlds and time travel. El Psy Congroo. 
  • Removed one enemy from the first Sorak encounter in Caer Lem Caves. Poor non-tabletop players usually spend all their resources on Goblins and Flying Snakes before getting there, making them easy pickings for the Soraks. 
  • Removed one enemy from the Crown Room encounter in Tower of Magic. 4 vs 7 at level 3 was a little too brutal considering most Soraks are CR 1, even after a long rest.
  • Fixed Fly not allowing players to reach treasure chests in some areas. 
  • Character Proficiency screen should now correctly display bonuses to ability checks
  • Hovering items in the Crafting Screen will now display a tooltip. Because knowing what you're about to craft is somewhat important, I'd say.
  • Made HP values easier to read on the initiative bar.
  • Oil of Sharpness can no longer be applied during combat, as it takes one minute to do so.
  • Attempting to cast a concentration spell from a scroll while already concentrating on a spell will now correctly display a warning message.
  • Items are no longer automatically equipped when transferred between characters.
  • Monsters will now respect the spellcasting rules just like adventurers, they've been barred from casting two spells and are now correctly restricted to spell + cantrip when using their bonus action. 
  • Large monsters such as Giant Spiders should no longer be able to attack much higher than their model would suggest.
  • Save Files should now be smaller in size
  • Spellcasters should now be able to use scrolls directly from their inventory during combat
  • Feared characters will now run a bit less far so you don't have to spend multiple turns chasing after their fleeing butt
  • Adjusted Minotaur AI so it's a little more agressive, its axe has your name on it.
  • Refined AI spell usage to avoid spellcasters automatically unleashing all their most powerful spells at the start of the fight
  • Game Over screen when caught during stealth tutorial will now correctly tell you that you got spotted instead of telling you that you died (although let's be honest, you very likely died as a result of getting spotted anyway). 
  • Added Steamworks and GOG Galaxy Integration - note that Steam Workshop hasn't been implemented yet, we'll try to get that done for the full 1.0 release. 
  • Added new visuals on the World Map
  • Added clouds and stars in open levels' skybox for better lighting
  • Improved the lighting in the tavern cutscenes.
  • Arrows & Bolts which hit their their target now have a 50% chance to be recoverable after the fight on their body
  • Optimized performance in all areas
  • Added a message informing players to lower their graphic settings if the game crashed due to running out of resources
  • Monsters now visually swap weapons when attacking from melee / range. Gone are the days where you got whacked for 1d6 slashing damage with a bow by a Goblin. 
  • Characters should now move more smoothly on the grid and stack less on top of each other
  • Improved visuals in the Bestiary
  • Added Brightness / Contrast calibration screen when starting the game for the first time
  • Belt of Dwarvenkind now has a chance to add a beard to characters who attune to it
  • Characters now only turn towards their attacker if they get hit with a melee attack that they can see
  • Ranged weapon attacks which miss now properly... well... miss the target. Instead of the target going all Matrix style and dodging the arrow. 
  • Improved shading on haircuts and beards
  • Allied NPCs behind walls now have the proper color to differentiate them from enemies. 
  • Characters now properly orient towards their target with ranged and thrown weapons. 
  • Solasta should now be less power intensive when minimized 
  • Added some new crafting recipe and spell scrolls
  • Bestiary now includes monsters' passive abilities (like Child of Darkness)
  • Made many adjustments to loot tables, chests and merchants
  • Added many different poisons
  • Added loot to poor ol' Adam that players do so love to kill in Dark Castle
  • Added smithing tools to craft bolts and arrows
  • Beefed up Razan to make him stronger than Aksha
  • Defiler's "Darkness" have been replaced by "Dark Veil"

Bugfixes / Others

  • Fixed Defilers draining maximum HP on non-necrotic damage inflicted. Life drain is already tough enough as it is. 
  • Haste should now correctly inflict lethargy when the spell ends, hopefully after the fight is over or you're about to have a very bad time. 
  • It is no longer possible to ready a cantrip if you shouldn't be able to cast it due to component restrictions (Vocal, Somatic, Material)
  • Fixed additional enemies sometimes not joining combat correctly and just sitting there staring at you. Bystander effect, everyone.
  • Arcane Fury should now apply extra damage to the first Magic Missile projectile only. First one asking us to buff Magic Missile gets to meet the Adamantium Hammer of Bans +3. 
  • Scroll of Raise Dead can no longer be used in combat. The spell takes one entire hour to cast for heaven's sake, did everyone just go take a nap?
  • Fixed some monsters in the bestiary not appearing correctly
  • Creatures protected by Aura of Devotion (Paladin) are now correctly immune to Hypnotic Pattern (saving throws are still rolled, but they won't be affected even if they fail)
  • Fixed the description of Mark of Fate (Oblivion Domain), which isn't supposed to be re-targatable
  • Fixed Flawless Concentration allowing the spellcaster to ignore concentration rolls even when taking more than 10 damage (cheater).
  • Fixed a rare case where re-ordering the inventory would freeze the game for a short amount of time
  • Undead and Constructs are now correctly immune to Blight
  • The game will now correctly select the most suitable character to interact with traps instead of sending the leader of the party every time, even if the party hates their leader.
  • Fixed Spirit Guardians dealing damage equal to the previous AoE spell cast, which effectively turned the Cleric into a walking Fireball
  • Somatic Component setting no longer prevents casting when restrained, as per RAW (Rule As Written). 
  • Life Domain Blessed Healer Feature no longer triggers if the Cleric only heals themself like the selfish doodoohead they are. Yea that's right, heal me earlier next time! 
  • Fixed Might of the Iron Legion Feat not working properly. 
  • Lockbreaker Feat now correctly grants expertise if the character was already proficient with Thieves Tools
  • Greenmage Magic Arrow Feature no longer trigger on Firebolt
  • Ghoul's Paralysis is now correctly removed after a successful saving throw. That was pretty annoying.
  • Paladins and Rangers can now use scrolls again. They took some reading lessons and all is well now
  • Fixed a rare instance where unconscious characters would refuse to get up after getting healed once outside combat. Lazybones. 
  • Fixed Lay on Hands being able to use more points than the maximum HP of the target, effectively wasting some resources.
  • Fixed some sound issues that occured when Spiritual Weapon is out on the field
  • Fixed some instances where monsters would refuse to act and instead spend their turn goofing around
  • Fixed AoE looting not working properly when a character was directly on top of a loot bag. We saw you dude, don't try to steal from the party. 
  • Fixed a rare instance where the entire screen could turn black if you paused the game right before the camera teleported
  • Players are no longer able to pause the game during a fade to black screen, to avoid them from believing they're stuck in a black screen (since they paused the game at the wrong time)
  • Fixed being able to run through doors if you clicked behind them before they closed
  • Fixed some clothes & haircuts being able to stretch infinitely in some rare instances. As it was destroying the law of physics we had to put an end to that.
  • Fixed some sound issues that would occur when controlling a proxy spell (such as Flaming Sphere)
  • Fixed some armor parts sometimes turning invisible during certain cutscenes
  • Fixed a rare case where characters would spawn twice when reloading a save (doppelgängers have been thoroughly exterminated) 
  • Made particles spawn / despawn properly when a character is invisible
  • Fixed some NPCs having the wrong skin color
  • Caer Cyflen citizens no longer appear through the fog of war
  • Fixed time stopping when someone would strike the Minotaur with a ready action during its charge
  • Fixed 3d feedback being able to "detect" invisible creatures
  • Fixed clothes popping in between camera cuts during cutscenes
  • Particles now fade out properly instead of popping out of existence
  • Fixed flying characters animation sometimes bugging out
  • Fixed a rare crash when you try to fast travel with an unconscious character
  • Fixed character's hair popping out of the Plate Armor +1 helmet
  • Fixed being able to trigger a certain cutscene after completing the puzzle, which made no sense at all
  • Fixed being able to return to the Master's Room by using Misty Step after exiting it. Seriously there's nothing left for you to do there, just be kind and leave the place alright?
  • Fixed some props not properly blocking line of sight in the caravan encounter
  • Fixed a certain fight not triggering properly if Kythaela was sent alone. Shame on you if you used the NPC to scout for you. 
  • Fixed the resting area not appearing on the map outside the Wizard Tower
  • Fixed a certain stone in Coparann's basement not being clickable 
  • Fixed one particular door in Dark Castle being stuck closed under certain conditions
  • Fixed a quest marker incorrectly pointing towards the tavern after returning from Tower of Magic, instead of guiding you to the Council. Regardless, we all know where the party wants to go first.
  • Fixed the dialogue repeating itself in the cutscene when returning to Caer Cyflen from Tower of Magic with the crown. 
  • Angbi's Bones should finally be removed after the quest is complete - if not, you'll now be able to remove them from your inventory. 
  • Fixed some backer submitted names not appearing properly in the Character Creator name pool
  • Fixed being able to talk to Aksha while in stealth to "surprise" her when the fight starts. Yea no, the DM is going to call bullshit on that move. 

Known Issues

  • In some rare occasions, confirmation pop-ups may no longer appear - meaning you'll be stuck in a location, since you won't get a confirmation message asking you if you want to leave the area when stepping on Exit Areas or when interacting with a door. To fix it, quit the game completely and relaunch it (simply loading a save doesn't fix it)
  • After talking to the Council on your return from Wizard's Tower, you must go to the residence immediately. If you don't (for instance, you long rest at the tavern before going to the residence), you will be stuck inside the residence and won't be able to leave, effectively ending your run. To fix it, load a previous save and go directly to the residence after talking to the council. 
  • In the Lawkeeper Background Quest, clicking "No" when asked to travel to the sewers will permanently block you from accessing the sewers, thus blocking the quest. To fix it, reload a previous save. 
  • In Tower of Magic, if you do the "Research the Crown" side quest before the "Magister's Amulet" side quest, the puzzle of "Magister's Amulet" side quest won't work. To fix it, simply leave Tower of Magic and return there later.
  • If you click end turn exactly when "Victory" appears, you will trigger a game over. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. But I did find that funny when QA told me about it. 
  • Do not go to back to "Caravan" on the World Map if you don't have "The Collector" side quest active - without that side quest in your journal you will be stuck once you arrive there. 
  • In Tower of Magic, the "Magister's Amulet" side quest will spawn 2 elementals very far from you which unfortunately won't do anything so you'll have to hunt them down by running to them. Which is very tedious and we totally hate it too, so don't worry it's not intended.
  • Characters are able to walk in the air in certain places in the broken fort in Caer Lem.
  • Monsters may also sometimes decide to run back and forth instead of attacking a character. Which is of course not intended, as all monsters are ordered to violently maul any adventurer they encounter by their DM overlord. 
  • In the Dungeon Maker, the "Mood" parameter isn't saved properly and will always revert to "Crypt". 
  • Paladins can't use scroll of Raise Dead
  • Characters who drop to 0 max HP due to Defilers' Vampiric Touch can't be resurrected, forcing a game over.
  • Scroll of Freedom of Movement casts Fire Shield instead
  • Amulet of Health currently doesn't require attunement (it should)
  • Poisonous Bolt recipes are missing their correct name
  • Captain Verissa Ironshell is missing lip sync
  • Warhammer +1 currently requires attunement (it shouldn't)
  • Rolling 20 on a death saving throw skips the character's turn instead of letting them play
  • Reading a recipe book when you already know the recipe still consumes the book

Next Update?

Aside from hotfixes, we've got our sight now locked onto the final 1.0 release. Keep an eye out for more information about our official launch date!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym