Patch Notes (Latest: 05/11/2020, Patch 0.3.4 BETA)

Tactical Myzzrym
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Tactical Adventures Dev
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1 month ago (edited)

Hi there everyone,

It's been one week since our Early Access launch and we've been hard at work to bring you a whole bunch of improvements! 

Important: If you are running into infinite loading screens, make sure to verify your games files! 

  • Go to your Steam Library and right click Solasta => Properties => Local Files Tab => Verify Integrity of Game Files. 
  • If this doesn’t fix the problem, try loading an older save (such as an auto-save) to go through the problematic area! On rare occasions, save files can get corrupted so the solution is loading another one.


  • Characters and NPCs in the tavern should no longer clip into their chair or the table in the intro cutscene.
  • You are now forced to use Disengage against the Greyback Wolf. Hopefully that will save some more lives, too many budding adventurers died there
  • We've also updated the Quest to clearly indicate that you must push the rock after disengaging
  • Added a camera movement in the Orc Cave to show where the lever is to open the door
  • Added a bit of gold in the Stealth Tutorial, because gold is life

World Map

  • Fixed a bug where locations would sometimes appear at the wrong place. Don't lose your waaaaayyyy!
  • Fixed a bug where the party would sometimes not move on the World Map, then suddenly teleport further away. The DM just forgot to move your tokens, sorry
  • Caer Lem should no longer be producing light at night on the World Map. Its secret goblin nightclub has been closed for sanitary reasons
  • Fixed a bug where trying to travel with an unconscious character would sometimes crash the game. Give the poor lad some of that healing potion!
  • The camera behavior should be more consistant on the World Map now
  • Random encounter locations should now have music outside combat as well

Caer Lem

  • Monsters should no longer shove you to your death. We will re-introduce this feature when we roll out the difficulty settings, but it was too punishing for new players
  • A secret passage in the cave should now properly open up when interacted with
  • Daliat should no longer appear alive in a cutscene if you killed him earlier. He will haunt you regardless, you monster
  • You should no longer be able to walk inside fire tiles. At least not here. Not now. Not like this

Tower of Magic

  • Fixed a bug where killing spiders would sometimes teleport you to an empty Crown Room. Sorry future Solasta speedrunners
  • It should no longer be possible to get a random encounter between leaving the Tower of Magic and the Trouble Night Event
  • Fixed one wall being closer than what the visuals showed in the Crown Room
  • The chest in the Crown Room should no longer be filled with test items

Caer Cyflen 

  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred after Aer Elai (the vision) from the Crown-bearer
  • Started optimizing Aer Elai to reduce fps issues
  • Fixed a rare bug where merchants sometimes weren't positioned properly after cutscenes
  • Fixed NPCs sometimes not properly looking at people when they talk after reloading a save. They're just standing there... menacingly
  • Added a quest marker for the first scavenger quest

Necromancy Quest

  • When fighting Lizzaria, the zombies should no longer be locked behind bars. They get to join the fun too!
  • Fixed a rare crash where killing Lizzaria would drop her Arcane Focus, which probably was an Orb of Annihilation considering how it annihilated the game stability
  • Mardracht has been buffed a lot, poor old man barely had enough HP to stand up. He now is ready to kick some butt
  • Mardracht should no longer disappear before the end of the cutscene
  • Made adjustments to the items found in loot containers
  • Added audio when breaking windows
  • Fixed the main quest not updating if the player immediately rushed to the secret passage instead of entering the courtyard
  • Mana Lamps should no longer go invisible after being lit. Those lamps are weird man, I tell you
  • Added a short fade to black effect when transitioning between Cemetery and Courtyard
  • Skeleton now have new portraits and a small ambiant VFX 
  • Fixed the poor dwarven ghost's beard looking like a fluffy stuffed animal
  • Fixed a few pathfinding issues when playing around moving crates and puzzle doors
  • Added a collider so that players can walk inside a certain sarcophagus. You're already pillaging tombs, don't be rude come on


  • Ring of Protection +1 should now work properly
  • Heavy Armor should no longer reduce AC if you have negative DEX modifier
  • Unidentified items should now properly hide their properties until identified
  • The attunement system should now work properly. The Wand of Lightning Bolt awaits you!
  • Scroll of Lightning Bolt should no longer be named Scroll of Fireball. The scribe in charge of writing scrolls has been reassigned to latrine duty
  • Crafting a scroll of Jump should no longer give you a scroll of Mage Armor. Latrine duty duration has been doubled. 
  • Weapons tooltip should now display if they are Simple or Martial weapons
  • Fixed a bug where drag & dropping items in the inventory would make them... disappear! Truth be told the rogue probably stole them
  • Added some harvestable ingredients. GATHER ALL THE FLOWERS!
  • Made some adjustments to item cost.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a character going unconscious on top of loot, getting healed and then attempting to pick up said loot would sometimes crash the game. Loot is sacred, don't fall on it
  • Faction items should no longer show white squares in their tooltip
  • Updated the Harversack tooltip


  • Updated the icons of Flaming Sphere, Spiritual Weapon and Dancing Light
  • Removed the ability to upcast Fog Cloud for now. Save the frames, kill the upcasting
  • Added VFX effects to the Tongues spell
  • Fixed a rare crash when refreshing spell slots
  • Fixed a very rare crash when spells go poof game goes boom boom. And that's a no no
  • The Shield spell should now properly end on the start of your next turn
  • Fixed a rare crash when casting a spell inflicting a condition using a scroll
  • The game will now display a warning message when trying to scribe a scroll you already know
  • You can now scribe Greenmage spells if you're a Greenmage 
  • When attempting to move spells such as Flaming Sphere, Dancing Light & Spiritual Weapon, you should no longer lose your Bonus action if you immediately cancel instead of moving after selecting it. 
  • You should no longer be able to cast Flaming Sphere directly on top a character
  • Added VFX effects to the Remove Curse spell
  • Casting Levitate on an enemy should no longer give them advantage on their Saving Throw
  • Speaking of Levitate, Spiders should no longer turn invisible if you cast Levitate on them. Seriously, who does that?
  • Fixed Protection from poison doing weird stuff


  • Snow Dwarves should now properly get +2 in Constitution Saving Throws instead of Advantage. Tell me again about how you "misread" the feature, Larry.
  • Fixed the idle pose when holding a 2-handed sword. Fighters all around the world now know how to properly wield a greatsword
  • Fixed a very peculiar bug where an NPC would sometimes replace your character if the two shared the same name. What can I say, some NPCs always wanted to be adventurers
  • Fixed a bug where Saving Throw modifiers were applied twice against Ghouls paralyzing effect. Larry I'm sure you know how to do basic math, stop cheating
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing issues when attempting to level up an Oblivion Cleric
  • Fixed characters sometimes not visually waking up from sleeping conditions
  • Characters in Stealth knocked unconscious will no longer be considered in Stealth
  • Adjusted Anton & Miles (pre-made characters) starting equipment
  • Fixed a very funny bug where some characters would wave their torch back and forth, even when unconscious
  • Fixed an issue with the Sorrak ranged attack animation could sometimes be out of sync
  • Aristocrats should now properly have proficiency in Intimidation as displayed in the tooltip
  • Archers should now properly take into account elevation when aiming at the enemy before shooting
  • Disarming a trap while holding a rapier should no longer show the rapier flying around
  • Added some missing audio for Sorraks, such as spellcasting and Doom Laughter
  • Fixed characters sometimes saluting by placing their arm inside their chest instead of on their chest. Poor Sorraks, they're trying their best to blend in
  • Skeletons should no longer hold their shortbows inside their wrist
  • Characters should now reposition themselves automatically if they start their turn stacked on top of someone else
  • Characters' portrait should no longer be blurry after loading a save during combat
  • Fixed Orcs' faces in the Bestiary


  • Added an option to enable non-seeded RNG (has to be activated manually). Savescummers rejoice! 
  • Dice Rolls should now properly appear when making ability checks during cutscenes
  • Fixed some lighting issues when swapping to the third weapon configuration (weapon + light source)
  • Fixed most missing texts in French, German and Chinese
  • Fixed the camera sometimes not switching to battle mode when entering combat. Peace is not an option, camera
  • Fixed a crash when the creature with the highest initiative died of an "at the start of your turn" effect. 
  • Fixed a whole lot of rare crashes and bugs again! More stability banzai! 
  • Added a button on the main menu to easily leave a review on Steam, which you should totally do because that would make you even more awesome than you already are
  • Fixed a rare bug where the game would sometimes display an empty string instead of the correct location of the party in the save file
  • Fixed the camera sometimes going bananas when focused on a character
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing the player from doing Short Rests after doing a Long Rest + Level up
  • The loading screen when launching the game should now properly scale to your screen resolution instead of being horribly stretched
  • Optimized starting time a bit. You should see a slight improvement when launching the game!
  • Fixed a strange bug that would happen when attempting to fast travel and closing the map at the same time
  • Continue & Load Game buttons should no longer be greyed out when cancelling Character Creation
  • Poisoned and Diseased conditions should now properly be displayed 
  • Fixed a rare and strange bug where audio levels could get out of sync in certain conditions
  • Rocks should properly roll when pushed now, instead of sliding on the ground
  • Fixed a small issue with the Adventurer Ghost portrait
  • Added new sounds to ghouls, skeletons and zombies
  • Made some slight improvements to the map here and there
Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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3 weeks ago

Hey there folks,

We're pushing a small Hotfix today for people who're still running into game-breaking bugs during their run. As we want to make sure this small patch does not cause more issues than it fixes (and since it literally only contains bug fixes), we've decided to upload it to a BETA branch on Steam.

What does that mean?

  • If you're not currently running into any game-breaking bug while playing Solasta, you can safely ignore this patch - it's only here for those who're having severe issues when playing Solasta. 
  • If that's your case, you can try to switch to the following BETA branch to download the patch and hopefully play in peace without those pesky bugs gnawing at your ankles!

How do I do that?

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right Click on SOLASTA Crown of the Magister
  3. Select Properties...
  4. Select the BETAS tab
  5. Put in the Beta code ireallyhatebugs
  6. Click on CHECK CODE
  7. Select the 0.3.4_beta branch (instead of NONE). 
    • If you can't see it, restart Steam and re-open the BETAS tab, it should be available now.
  8. When you successfully select the 0.3.4_beta branch, you should see a small message under the code box
  9. That's it, just close the Properties window and the hotfix should start downloading!

Note: If you're running into infinite loading screens, make sure you read the following thread

This will be the last patch before switching our entire focus to the next big update, which will drop this winter season! We'll have to ask you all to be a bit patient until then, as we won't be delivering any updates until then - every small patch we make delays the larger one, and we know you're all waiting for more content from us, not just fixes. We will go into more details as to what this big Winter Update contains, but let me already tell you that there will be new quests, more customization and the Rogue's Hide action among other things!

Article by Tactical Myzzrym