Patch Notes For January "Big Fixes" Beta Patch

Level 9
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2 years ago

Devs, any idea when the patch notes for the January "Big Fixes" beta patch will be available?

Level 8
2 years ago

Eh, don't know about patch notes, but the beta of it over on steam has a few rough spots. right now the crossbows are manifesting on model in the middle of the character. Spell Foci are going to be a thing with bracer, amulet, and belt variations to be introduced. looks like they're going to return to 100 dg per identify via pearls (i don't mind this over all, but I'd like some kind of arcana check variation for potions if we're going back to that personally).

Basic poison for loading a previous save talks about making 5 poisoned arrows, but still makes the vial. Can't apply the poison to arrows, has to be applied to the bow or a melee weapon.

fought a wight with two skeletal archers as support in broad daylight, the archers dropped loot normally, while the wight for one used a shortsword during the encounter and dropped a longsword, and for two it didn't play nice with the within 5 spaces loot thing. Only the person interacting with the drop was able to pick up his stuff in specific.

I have not yet managed to check the planar interaction bit myzz noted for fly.

Definitely bugs me that I've got a sorak spine on hand and I don't get to even try to offer it up as proof. just, grates me is all.

Also bugs me to have the scavengers the way they currently are.