Party stuck between doors that can't be opened. Late-game, winter update, after Razan battles

1 year ago

First, I love the new adventures in the Winter Update. Great stuff! (except for the puzzles, I always think they're immersion breaking, unrealistic, and just annoying. I want adventures! Exciting brawls with monsters, spells zinging back and forth, blood flowing, characters calling for help, urgent cure spells needed, and finally exciting loot earned with some great new magic items YAH. Solving some stupid puzzle is as unexciting as filling out my taxes.) Anyway...

My problem is in the party movements leading up to the Wizard's Tower room where Kythaela falls asleep/dead/merges back into dragon. My party was in the hallway with the several rooms off it (e.g. the library with several Crafting recipes). After checking out those rooms, we got to the north end of the hall where there's a locked door (the one with large statues of sheet-wearing men either side). The door was unopenable (I know about the scroll lever now, but didn't spot it then), so my mage Misty Stepped through. He couldn't open it from that side either, so not knowing what else to do, I sent him exploring north across the 'sky bridge'. He got to another unopenable door, and Misty Stepped through that one too. That triggered a cutscene that incorrectly showed my entire party being addressed by Razan, even though most of them were locked two hallways away. Very ironically, the cut scene has Razan saying my party opened the door, but it didn't.

After the cutscene, a fight started in the room involving all my party. So DESIGN BUG #1, my party shouldn't have been teleported into that room. The cutscene, fight, etc. shouldn't be triggered unless the door is actually open! And when the fight does happen, it should only involve those of my party who are actually in the room.

DESIGN BUG #2: After the fight is over, my party is stuck. I can't get them out through the two locked doors, can't jump down to the lower sky bridge far beneath my party, or get out any other way that I can see. Nor can I rest to recover spells. It's game over for my party, they'll just starve to death where they are. A depressing ending to what had been a very enjoyable play session (I do love the new material). Please design something less depressing.

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The next day I loaded a save file from a couple of hours before the events reported above. My party had just finished a long rest in the room provided inside the tower.

We crossed the first sky bridge (where the party first teleports to in this building), past the ghosts hanging around that area, and into the hallway that has several rooms off it. Went into a couple of rooms to loot them, then farther down the hallway. The next door wouldn't open but left-alt highlighted an interesting looking chest, and the whole room looked interesting, so my mage Misty Stepped into the room. Instantly the door swung open and four spectral servants started fighting me. 

Immediately after killing the last spectral, the cut scene of the dragon rousing plays, and the image is of the dragon addressing all four of my party even though we should be hundreds of feet away with locked doors in the way. The cut scene is very short, about 5-10 seconds, then the screen ends with me seeing a close-up image of my four party members standing side by side. Unfortunately they cannot be moved, nor can I move the camera at all, so I'm left looking at a close up view of my party and a few stair steps behind them. I can hit "I" or "J" to read the inventory and journal screens, and I can select individual characters from their portraits on the left of the screen, but they cannot move at all. Every attempt to click on what little of the room I can see, just gives me a "NO PATH TO DESTINATION" error.

Why on Earth would killing the specters trigger the cut scene? This is surely a bug.

Level 8
1 year ago

See known bug fix list - this is a known bug - next patch won't be until after the holidays though -

Level 6
1 year ago

Top tip: save before you want to Misty Step somewhere you probably shouldn’t...

1 year ago

Theres a scroll or something in the left statues hand that opens the door