Party shouldn't be in the middle of the field for an ambush

Level 4
8 months ago

When you're travelling and one of your party spots enemies, you're given the opportunity to start an ambush.  However, when this happens your party is placed in the middle of the field, with the enemies surrounding you.  What's more, you're standing in a brightly lit circle from a camp fire.  This isn't realistic, and it's not great for either tunnel fighters or rogues who want to get out of sight.

I'm sure this is because you're sharing code with the party being ambushed at night, but perhaps you could come up with an alternative arrangement for party ambushes?  It would add some variety to random encounters too.


Level 6
6 months ago

yeah, this setup doesn't make any sense

Level 3
5 months ago

Agreed. A much better setup would be find your party in Caution, not already in initiative, at the edge of one of these small maps. This way the onus is on the players for how much risk to take in trying to position the party before initiating combat. Maybe you'll successfully get a suprise round with stealth or maybe you'll stumble into a roaming guard and be forced to play through. This would be much more dynamic, interesting, and fair to the ambushing party.