Party Banter Feature UNLOCKED! Stretch Goal #4: Ranger!

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3 years ago (edited)

Let's start this final week with some good news. As of a few moments ago, Stretch Goal #2 - Party Banter - has now been reached!

Now your Rogue can be sassy even outside cutscenes!

Part of the fun of Tabletop RPGs is the "friendly" and "wholesome" remarks from your companions when you roll the dice - even more so when you fail repeatedly. It just wouldn't have the same charm without these jabs and sarcastic comments now, would it?

Well, worry not - you will now be able to experience this in Solasta: Crown of the Magister as well! The kind Cleric that encourages you to do better next time, the wholesome Paladin who tells you not to give up... Or the Rogue who simply laughs at you and tell you how much you suck. It's always the Rogue. Why is it always the Rogue.

Stretch Goal #4 - New Class: Ranger

The polls were so close that we just couldn't leave the Ranger behind! If you haven't already, we've posted an Update with the Lore and Archetypes of the Ranger that you should read. They may not have animal companions in Solasta, but they are no less deadly! The archetypes are:

  • Hunter (SRD) - Master of both Melee & Range combat, the Hunter is the supreme predator of the lands.
  • Marksman (Solasta) - Heir to ancient archery techniques, the Marksman is the deadliest ranged combatant of Solasta.
  • Shadow Tamer (Solasta) - Wanderer of the desolated Badlands, the Shadow Tamer walks where others fear to tread.

We're still seeing questions when it comes to Physical Add-Ons and Pledge Manager, so it's time for a little reminder again!

What are Physical Rewards / Add-Ons?

The Physical Rewards / Add-Ons refer to the four Physical Items you can order separately on top of your Pledge, which are:

  • Solasta Campaign Rulebook (Hardcover) - Kickstarter Edition: 41€ / $45 approx.
  • Solasta Campaign Rulebook (Hardcover) - Standard Edition: 32€ / $35 approx.
  • Solasta Adventure Box: 27€ / $30 approx.
  • Solasta Original Soundtrack Vinyl: 27€ / $30 approx.

How do I add these to my Pledge?

It's simple, when selecting your Pledge level just add the price of the Add-On on top of your Pledge. You can add multiple Add-Ons if you want.

When will I get to choose which Add-On I want to add?

After the Campaign is over, you will receive an email from our Pledge Manager. The Pledge Manager will recognize which Tier you pledged for, as well as any additional funds you added on top of it - which can be used to select the Add-Ons you want.

Can I order Add-Ons directly in the Pledge Manager after the Campaign is over instead?

Yes, but that will not contribute to the Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

When will I pay the Shipping Fees?

We will inform you of the Shipping Fees price next year (2020) before shipping the Physical Products to your home, which is when you'll have to pay the Shipping Fees (through the Pledge Manager).

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