One more feedback

3 months ago (edited)


I have played the demo. I really like it ! It is really great. Here is my feedback:

A) In terms of animations, some body movements are too fast. The expressions on the faces are sometimes jerky when the characters speak. 

B) The information on the panel should include options. Being able to hide it, to filter a certain type of event, to get more colorful information when it comes to important information. Example: Death of a character.

C) It would be awesome to have an option or a skill/spell to see all the decor in black and white (maybe during a short/specific period of time). The white color draws the edges on the walls and on the floor as a simplified 3D representation. I hope you understand what I mean.

D) The tutorial should explain the fighting. Like moving characters and the meaning of color.

E) During the fight, it is not possible to get a global vision for the points of life for all the characters. In some cases, it is more difficult to know immediately who should be healed.

F) Will there be different levels of difficulty in the game? Easy, normal and difficult? I couldn't find this information on the official website.

Thanks in advance for any comment / answer.

Thanks again for the demo. :-)


3 months ago (edited)

Adding other feedback on the 0.0.12 pre-alpha demo after playing and completing the demo several times :

G) The animation / image could be different for long and short rest.

H) Shortcuts could be added to manage the inventory items.

I) When moving / selecting items in inventory, it would be nice to be able to compare another item by targeting it.

J) This is not obvious for XP information. It could be indicated with a colored circle (percentage) around the character portrait on the main screen and not on the details screen.

K) The 'Disadvantage' logic / information during the fight is not easy to understand.

L) There are issues with the camera. But this has already been discussed.

M) There are problems with lighting bonfires. Sometimes it does not work and the character has to change position for it to work.  

N) It would be nice to have access to a library listing all the monsters with their characteristics. This would help improve the strategic decisions.

O) Bug (?). If the thief goes alone to the first bridge and the other members stay far behind, the "red trap" is not displayed.

P) Bug (?). If the thief will open the chest alone (where the "red trap" is at the beginning of the adventure and is in front of the chest), the other members of the team
always appear on the video / short scene (even they are not present) and they magically appear near the thief.

Q) Bug (?). During the fight against the giant spiders, the warrior during an animation was inside the wall.

R) Bug (?). After the fight against the giant spiders (victory), it is not possible to return to the resting place. There's 'no path'.

S) It may be interesting to indicate that the portraits of the characters (the ones on the left) can be moved up / down and selected by tab / number.

T) Bug (?). At the end of the demo, if no one is dead, and 3 out of 4 members are on the green rectangle and click to open the wall, the final video is displayed with the 4 characters. Is this normal?

U) Bug (?). When moving the characters, it was possible to have 2 characters in the same place on the floor. I guess that should not be possible?

V) The warrior is the tank/protector. The clerk is there to heal / resurrect. The magician launches attack spells. The thief is there to explore and open the chests? Other roles ?

W) Bug (?). If the warrior has zero point of the life during the battle, then there is the victory of the team and then there is a general rest, the warrior gets backs his points of life. Is it normal?

X) The logic / mechanics when a character is dead and there are three attempts to survive is not very clear. This should be explained in a tutorial. Can the character be attacked again when he has escaped death but has no life? 

Y) How to make a character the center of attacks in the group? For example, if we prefer that the main attacks are mainly against the warrior. How do you choose who is attacked in the group? Is it based on the distance of the enemy?

Z) Will you participate to the next GAMESCOM 2020? Or to another event? And will you propose soon a schedule for beta, first update and so on?

Once again this is an excellent demo.


2 months ago

Finally, I would like to add the following point (after reading the rules of D&D 5.1). 

There is of course a part of randomness / luck during the fighting. Even if we try to play 'well'. For example: put the light in the right place, drink a potion, protect some people with a spell ... and even so, a character dies during the fight. Simply because there is a lot of damage in one go / throw. It's part of the rules, but it can be frustrating for the player.

I guess there is no real 'solution' for that point. This is also part of the charm for D&D.