Oh happy day!

1 year ago

So I've been very frustrated having been contributing and testing the game since the beginning with the system only working with my NVDIA RTX 2080 with MaxQ design in low res mode and even then the game had been crashing frequently. 

I had thought with 1.0 that would go away but it didn't. In fact it crashed more frequently. I couldn't even get through character creation.

BUT!!! as I did my due diligence with settings, as I have with each release, I found that with 1.0 if I completely override the application settings and max out all the other Settings in the NVDIA control panel it's working even with the game vid settings maxed out. So essentially the card is driving the video not the app.

Soooo happy! I can finally play see (and hear with full orchestration) my investment.

With so little good news in the world these days I wanted to share :D

1 year ago

Side note: Wow on the difference in graphics! I haven't been able to see this game in ultra until now.

Level 10
1 year ago

I've had odd issues in several games recently as Windows has taken over the job that the Nvidia control panel used to do. There are only a couple of options in the new Graphics Settings, basically to set an exe to use one GPU or the other and not more than that.

I ended up totally removing the nvidia control panel (only using Windows) and my Rampant Observe Bias says that its more stable now.

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