Official or OGL/Basic?

3 months ago (edited)

Hi, is this an officially licence game or are you restricted to the open gaming licence and basic rules? I see only four races and four classes on your web page, will non-basic races (gnome, half-elf/orc, teifling, dragon-born) and non-basic classes (bard, barbarian, druid, monk, paladin, ranger, sorcerer and warlock) be available? Will non-basic rules such as multi-classing, feats etc. be included? 

3 months ago (edited)

Hello there Thomas! 

This is not an officially licensed game, which is why we're always careful about our wording. If some readers out there are curious about what that entails, it means that we'll not be using the established lore (so no Forgotten Realms, no Mind Flayers, no Drizz't...).

It does not limit playable races / classes - which is more about budget. As stated previously, those 4 races / classes are what we currently guarantee to have at launch - however we're likely to add more to the page by the time the game is released. 

About Multi-classing, feats and the like, we'll talk more about that later down the line^^

1 month ago

Well, on the flip side that should give you a lot of flexibility in designing archetypes that fit in the setting ;)