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11 months ago (edited)

I left the main town with 23 rations, and traveled at a fast pace to the mystery castle thing. A fast pace is 7 days which is 28 rations consumed. I was lucky enough to find some along the way (11, I think), because I ended up with exactly 4 to spare upon reaching the castle. However, it's clear that I won't have any left for the way back. No Ranger, but I probably have someone with Survival. I'm not sure.

Taking a Ranger or Greenmage Wizard isn't a solution, because the party size is fixed at 4 and you may not have one, nor can you swap in a new guy.

I can understand the idea of scavenging in the Badlands being tough, but it's literally our job, so we should at least be able to pick up supplies in our HQ's town. Only being able to get 2.5 days of rations per visit isn't great.

This needs to be addressed, and no, "better signposting" for bad balance is not a solution for bad balance.

"You should have planned better" is another bad argument for a videogame, because the rules are designed around a human DM managing the game, which can compensate. Such as saying "Looking around town, you are easily able to acquire 2 weeks worth of rations. Mark off X gold for the lot."

EDIT: While I do like the idea of simply increasing rations available at the vendor, the idea of taking a day mid-travel to hunt for food instead of making progress is not bad. Perhaps if you take the day to hunt for food, you find a guaranteed 4 + 1d6 (or if you want to be a little stingy, 1d6 - 1) rations (and maybe also 1d4 - 1 crafting ingredients for spells/potions). That way even with the worst luck, you'll still find enough for one day's worth, so you break even.

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11 months ago

This needs to be addressed, and no, "better signposting" for bad balance is not a solution for bad balance.

Exactly. The vendor needs to offer unlimited rations, or at least way more than 10. And the argument "well the vendor resets when you take a long rest" doesn't really work because A) this isn't mentioned anywhere in the game, and B) having to take 3-4 long rests in town, which costs money btw, is really tedious.

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11 months ago

Overall, I like the idea of needing rations, especially with the type of game the developers want to create. However, getting to the Bone Keep does seem to be a problem ration wise. I agree with all the suggestions of adding a "hunting" feature while traveling, although this may require a feature to modify travel speed, etc. mid journey (which I also agree with).