New (sudden): Massive Performance Hit

Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

As always, love the game, and thanks for your great work.

Version: 0.5.42

History: I have 150+ hours on the game without a problem "until" this latest patch.  I've played through the entire game 3x times, but this time, with the Spring Patch I started to experience perforfamance issues.

When do the problems begin?  The problem began AFTER I returned from the Dark Castle (Mardracht quest) via the Major Gate. I noticed when my frame-rate dropped gradually, but I thought it was only because I have been playing for 8+ hours and maybe I had a virtual memory leak.  I closed everything, rebooted and then I got the dreaded corrupted file issue. On Steam I VERIFIED the Integrity f the Game Files, but I still had errors. I went back to a prior save (Not an Auto Save) and I managed to make the game work.  However, the performance issue (really slow on movement, resting, etc.) hit again!  I rebooted and loaded a graphic heavy game as a performance benchmark and I had 120 FPS.  I go back into Solasta and the entire game drops to a crawl.

Current Status: My game auto-corrupts and I have to find a prior save, in the middle of an act (not a transition point, and not an Auto Save) to start the game.  Meanwhile, I am stuck in Copperan with really not ability to progress, since the game is not playable at 5 FPS (so slow).

Any insight or help would be appreciated.  I'll email a File Save in a separate email, but ping me here if there is an easy fix I am overlooking. 


2 weeks ago

Same issue here too, after getting the third gem the game performance took a major hit. For an hour or two of gameplay restarting would help for half an hour or so, but now it's pretty much unplayable. Now it's not just the performance, I can manage a single scene change, but then the second load screen afterwards fails to complete. So I would pretty much need to constantly restart the game.

Level 10
2 weeks ago

Save corruption: There is a bug where your characters are not selected when entering a new area. Visual symptoms: Camera movement doesn't work, character movement doesn't work, and there is a slight haze over the scene. Other symptoms: Saves when characters aren't selected are corrupt. Use the select all button at the top left and this will go away. Your autosaves on entering the area will still be corrupt since they occur immediately when entering, while your characters are still unselected. Quicksaves and named saves will work as long as at least one character is selected.

Performance: Probably the same as this: