New player Questions

Level 1
4 weeks ago (edited)
  1. Does dex affect chance to hit for most wiz/cleric spells (dex)? Or is this set only by level? (I see some have wis, con, etc. saves).

  2. Does wis/int affect number of spell slots for cleric/wiz?

  3. What does cha do for paladins?

  4. What is the most efficient way to heal out of combat?

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Level 11
4 weeks ago

1. No. For most classes, DEX is solely for armor class, and to-hit/damage with ranged weapons (spells are not ranged weapons). There are also “finesse” melee weapons which allow you to choose DEX or STR for to-hit/damage (the game will automatically choose the best for you). So it won’t affect your spellcasting at all. For most Wizards, you want INT > CON > DEX, and clerics WIS > STR (or DEX) > CON.

2. Spell slots, no. But it does help you hit with spell attacks, make it harder for enemies to resist your spells, and it increases the number of spells you can have prepared (i.e. spells ready to cast if you have an available spell slot).

3. CHA is the spellcasting attribute for Paladins (and Sorcerers) and there are class abilities that use CHA (notably Aura of Protection at level 6). For most Paladins, you want STR > CHA > CON. Since CHA is the spell casting attribute of Paladins, it also allows them to prepare more spells like Wizards with INT or Clerics with WIS.

4. Most efficient is probably short and long rests. There are some class abilities and spells that heal, but usually you want to save those spell slots for use in combat. Life domain cleric does get some efficient out-of-combat (and in-combat) healing, but you’ll end up needing to rest eventually to get spell slots back. D&D isn’t really like MMOs where you have to have a healer and that healer is expected to keep everyone topped off at all times.

Level 3
2 weeks ago (edited)

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Level 9
2 weeks ago

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