New Player experience with scripted beginning.

1 year ago

This isn't a bug per se just something that happened to me that made my initial game start a little less fun and would be easy to fix. So I started the game, went thru the intro tutorial and then was sent to the Council.  On the way I tried to talk to the npc's and a couple would speak to me. 

They had a healing potion for sale for exactly the amount I had on me so I bought it. I went through the rest of the deputizing and then found that I could not sleep and level up because I did not have ten gold on me. Even selling the flowers I had found was not enough, so I had to sell the potion back at a huge loss.  

I know that this is my own fault, but it just seems to me that while in the semi scripted intro either I should not have been able to spend money I needed at all, or the resale value should have been the same, or there should have been an extra few flowers around enough to cover the Inn and food before leaving town for the first time, or the council should have given me money up front.

Anyway other then that I am having a great time with this game.

2 months ago

Same thing happened to me. I don't even know how you found out it was ten gold, he just keeps telling me no money, no room over and over. Thanks, game.